31 day challenge Day 13 (hmm seem to have mixed up my days somewhere)


What is your earliest memory?

(Chuckle!!) Licking mustard off my coat collar.

Let me explain. As a very small child I used to chew on my coat collar (don’t ask me why???). In those post war days clothes needed to last a long time so in desperation my mum had smeared English mustard ( unlike the French or American varieties extremely hot) on my collar edge. Being the “sweet angel” that I was (sarcastic voice) I determined to suck the mustard off and pretend to like it so I’d “win”. I did win but the burning sensation stayed in my memory lol!

Just for fun I’ll tell you one of my next earliest memories – jumping out of a 2nd story window to prove to the neighbor’s boy I wasn’t chicken! No wonder my mum went grey early LOL!

(I think my guardian angel must have been pretty overworked too – amazingly I got away without even a scraped knee.)