Be encouraged before you proceed.


It’s my habit at years end to recall all that’s happened. I’m always encouraged that, what seems like a nondescript year, has often contained a great deal of progress and accomplishment.
Of course accomplishments come in many forms. Top of my list come anyone I’ve helped or have helped me, new friendships, barriers removed, old wounds healed etc.
I find as I begin to jot them down, more and more spring to mind. Soon I have a long list and my heart rejoices. My year has been spent well. Without this time to stop and consider I would not have perceived it.
If you’ve not tried it before I encourage you to take stock – it’s a real confidence booster!
To help get started here’s a few less personal items from my list.

1)My biggest one – helped my daughter and grandson relocate from an increasingly dangerous situation in Mexico, get set up in the UK and deal with many turbulent issues concerning these changes.
2) Made many new friends both on and off line.
3) Learnt to sail while helping the handicapped with CVSS.
4) Due to my daughters prolonged stay added vital layers to the principal characters in my book (she’s also a writer and characterization is her strong point – my weakest)
5) After 2 years of trying found the perfect yoga teacher/ time/ location.

Things maintained from previous years.
1)Healthy lifestyle (eating exercise etc.)
2)Daily prayer and time with Jesus.
3) Blog posts.
4)Staying positive and patient with my overactive 10 year old grandson while completing SAT test homework etc. lol!

Things I planned and didn’t do.(In case you think I did so well.)
1)Swim once a week (abysmal failure I went once all year! lol!)
2)Paint. (only one painting all year (whoops!))
Guess I’ll work on those this year together with my very procrastinated – publish my novel!
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!