There at conception.



Born today amid the wild, ferocious growth of spring, it’s friendly notes heard above the soft lap of water. Conception blossomed, a new idea, explored, fulfilled.

A weekly meeting, walking, sharing, learning, exploring each others worlds and knowledge. Again I wonder at the intricate complexity of each human life, the ripples formed by this single event.

It was not only us three, (the first to initiate), but others who added their sparkle as we passed on our tour, like the bird lover who told were the egrets nest, the kingfishers hunt, of the odd wading bird those name I have already forgotten.

What a delightful feast for a writer is a new walking group.

(The photo is from one of the many idyllic spots we passed.)

Body Conflicts.



My body and I have been in a relationship for as long as I can remember – it wasn’t all smooth sailing! At first I wanted to exert my dominance – make it “tow the line”. After all my requests that it stay up most of the night, consume vast amounts of alcohol, co-operate in exuberant partying then be ready, bright and mentally tuned for college next day were surely reasonable?
But every so often it would rebel, refusing to do anything but burn up all my reserves of energy in a temper throwing fever, or gush them into the nearest toilet.
In later days I called a truce, (after all we’re playing on the same team aren’t we?) It became a “scratch my back” (with a healthy diet and eight hours of sleep) “and I’ll scratch yours” by supplying endless energy to chase around after a bunch of kids, deal with jet lag, foreign chimes and still have a little extra for fun activities.
I must admit my body was a good friend to me and has really gone the course resisting the overtures of horrid diseases and managing to remain a UK twelve (pretty much) in spite of my ferocious appetite.
When it began trying to get my attention with numbness and pins and needles I became concerned. Was our relationship nearing the end? Happily no. I found it the perfect gift – yoga! From the very first time it was “love at first session” as my body cried out in jubilation. “At last! This is just what I need!” Saggy shoulders straightened, blood and oxygen pulsed remorselessly through every vein forever alleviating those midnight tingles in my right arm and leg. Achy muscles sighed in contentment as they stretched and relaxed. My body was happy. It’s only fair after all, it doesn’t ask much.
Now I try to listen more, I’m not so bossy. When it says rest, I rest, when it gives me a hangover head for naughty night time snacks I wise up. We are a partnership now my body and I. It likes the sunshine, walks and bike rides even the occasional swim and if it’s being a bit grouchy a dash of yoga does the trick.