A LIVING FAIRY TALE. (a year ago today)



(My beautiful daughter and wonderful new husband)

Perhaps it was the setting, a castle dating back 2000 years, the 11th. century turrets with their hidden stories, gothic arches spanned by fresco, the Barouche décor of the chapel or perhaps the vista from a mountain’s edge overlooking miles of tiny salmon hued houses and church spires. There was the décor, pastel shades of white and pale pink roses, crystal chandeliers and lace, and the violinist’s mellow tunes against white stone and sky blue background. But all this I knew can be bought with a bank card.

Perhaps it was the guests in glimmering 20s attire, stunning make up and twining curls, handsome, dark Italians contrasting pale, blond English or the bride herself managing somehow to outshine the other beauties (of which there were a number).

Everywhere I looked all was perfect, choreographed by wedding planners and the bride herself. Yet I knew behind the scenes there had been chaos, incompetent make up artists and florists, hitches and problems that kept the bride and groom in a constant flurry till the moment they appeared seemingly calm and unruffled.

No, it is not these things that make a fairy tale, though it may appear so in pictures.

The real fairy story began with the chapel vows, a tiny jewel escaping the bride’s immaculate eye make up as pledges were exchanged. Gems followed gleaming among the congregation reflecting on their story. Two precious hearts spurned and abandoned finding each other and overcoming impossibilities to be together. Tiny gleaming diamonds were quenched by furtive thumbs and sweated by a groomsman, tattoos smothered in a stifling suit because “It was THEIR day”.

Gold had echoed first that day in the dust of slippered feet as a bridesmaid, clad in a dressing gown, ran the gauntlet of a staring foreign wedding party to escort a photographer when wi fi failed. Other toes, iron clad but smiling, stood firm all morning guarding the soft hearted bride from all but the most urgent requests. A final gleaming dust had sprinted to the chapel as the bride’s insistent stilettos delayed her triumphant entry for the friend who’d used her prep time to take over the make up.

These offerings were but the beginning. As crystals on a strand they began to form again at the dinner speeches as stories were recounted, gems of love and appreciation recalled and strung to the thread of their story. There was a gush of tender rubies as a young girl confessed, through garbled tears, her love for her new step mother, a flood echoed on the faces of her audience who understood why.

Such jewels have no price tags they cannot be bought or sold, each priceless in its sincerity. There was the beauty of a wedding that would rival a celebrity’s but in the end these things pale as paste settings beside the jewels I glimpsed in secret. These are what give the unreal fairy tale quality. I witnessed a true love story not manufactured by Hollywood or publicists but the genuine article, the reality of true and sacrificial love between bride and groom, echoed by family and friends. I feel honored and blessed to have partaken.

31 day challenge day 21


The best thing to happen this year?

wedding flowers

This is a difficult choice as two of my daughters got married (one in Mexico and one in Italy). I have to go with the Italy one because of the beautiful story it entails.

My eldest daughter fought through difficulties to hold her marriage together for the sake of their two children only for her husband to suddenly leave her for a Brazilian lady. She went through hell feeling unwanted and deserted. Finally she went on the attack to regain her confidence, regained her figure, dried her eyes and started dating again. Though she got many offers in the two years she spent alone (she’s smart and extremely pretty) no one won her heart till she met a handsome “Italian stud” at a party. Just two problems he’d been through a very bad marriage experience also and didn’t want a long term relationship and they lived over 800 miles apart!

The first problem was solved on her first visit to see him in Venice (in his own words he saw her smile at the airport and he was a “gonner”). Both smitten they traveled back and forth for almost a year till finally he moved to England so they could be together and proposed in the beautiful Italian castle where they had their first date. They married there in June after a 3 year wait for divorce papers etc. in a beautiful fairy tale wedding (see my post on real life fairy tales). There were many wet eyes of friends and families as they are both known for their big hearts and it seemed like we were living a fairy-tale that they had found each other.

Their 20’s style wedding video went viral so I can’t post a picture of them ( photos are friends and family only now). The photo above is just of the table decor, but I can only say they looked every big as beautiful as the arrangement.