Dream Master 2


falling leaves

They wait in the serenity of the forest, breathing in stillness, spirits calm, eyes taking in shafts of light filtering through the canopy above. Birds pepper the silence with songs of freedom and the fresh smell of earth invades their nostrils. They don’t know why they are here or what called them, only this is where they are meant to be. Called from many places, transported on the breath of dreams to this spot, they linger, glancing at each other. A tiny leaf swirls, drifting from its place among the foliage. Separated from its peers the wind bears it as it wanders slowly downward. A bud that swelled in pride and opened its mouth to the sun has shriveled and let go its hold. It sighs upon the wind seeing no purpose in its demesne, not seeing the eyes tracing its course upon the air. The wind unseen, the leaf beheld, transformed into its compass. Unnoticed the dream master emerges. “Don’t be afraid, let life’s wind catch you,” he whispers. “Dance in its embrace as it guides you on your way.” Many leaves begin to descend for the season of falling leaves has come. They lie on soft earth, alone no more, carpeting the forest in hues of red and gold..

The Waterfall


rhine falls switzerland

It falls; it tumbles, to the ground, refreshing, splashing, mist
Enfolds you in its mighty arms embraces in each kiss
No arm constricts it in its flow as joyful tumble sounds
A rushing torrent still persists; its borders over bound.

So let our lives in humble grace o’er flow these earthly bounds
And so refresh all those beneath as they come tumbling down
And let each breath we freely breathe, be fresh upon the air,
The blessed truth He came to give for all around to share.

Life’s torrents ebb and flow to all and many a fall ensnare.
But do not fear the falls, but meet Him laughing through the air
And as you tumble far below you’ll find much space you’ll meet
Restrictions, walls, forever gone, you soon will find your feet.

And in the heady flow of life continue on your course
Through many a glade or sunlit field, you’ll find it good not worse
Till gushing on you one day sense the salt upon the air
Your journey o’er, you breathless rush, for He is waiting there.

(photo of the Rhine Falls in Switzerland)