Only Human.



To be human means of necessity flawed, not perfect. It would be nice if we were demi-gods of some sort with divine wisdom and strength of character, supermen or women,but early on, as childhood banter ceases, we realize perfection eludes us. We either lower the bar or live a life of frustration.
Some transfer their ideas of perfection to others, their partner, government, doctors, evangelists… then, when some awful truth comes to light, abandon them, leaving behind a trail of broken families, law suits and lost faith. Should we then abandon our ideals, cheat, lie, steal and live for “number one”? That road leads to anarchy, hate and destruction.
My philosophy tends to be, aim high but try not to get all bent out of shape if I fail – I’m human right? Of course this is a philosophy which is often flawed by my failure to implement it.
I try hard to remember that my fellow humans are like wise flawed and not set unrealistic expectations on them (I find this simpler. Sometimes it’s easier to forgive the failings of others than your own that you have to live with.)
Most destructive of all are those who, not being able to face their imperfections, augment their self esteem by demeaning others. I’m sure we can all think of some nasty illustrations of where that can lead. A soul at peace with itself generally feels no need to exert authority to gain respect. Sadly we all have a lot to learn about being human.