spring, spring, spring!


The sun is shining, my back is a little stiff from allotment digging, and there are trays of pansies and viola bedding plants waiting in the kitchen to go in the border outside my door. My lilies and roses still frangance the downstairs rooms and now the hyacinth ( both mother’s day gifts) wafts sweet perfume across the keys of my laptop as I type. Spring is here and everyone is wearing a smile!

life is good!


I’ve come downstairs the last two days not to the sickly smell that it seemed I could never quite get rid of (we seemed to be taking it in turns to be sick over the last month) but to the glorious smell of the lilies in my mother’s day bouquet. They were beautiful from the beginning but now they fragrance the whole apartment. The sun has been shining and spring is promising it’s arrival. My hyacinth (another mother’s day gift) has doubled in size promising future fragrance. Such encouraging pressies for the tail end of winter!
Not only that but my daughter (who’s been staying with me since returning to the UK) has just found a cute little place just around the corner for her and her son and hopes to move in right after Easter. You can see why I’m smiling!

Beautiful life.



Sunlight glistened on the petals, once her skin had been soft like that, now it was mottled with brown, wrinkled, old. Work had roughened her fingers as care had worn grooves in the once pristine brow.

She chuckled to herself remembering summer days, moonlit nights, of long ago. The years had taken their toll on her; she’d paid the annual tithes of age, now her account was all but empty, little remained of strength or beauty. Yet as age took its yearly toll something had been added, a divine sweetness, long brewed it her heart, burst forth in song as a rare and precious vintage. As flesh slowly withered youth returned, eternal within, a song of love ever new growing in potency.

The hands folded in prayer as she walked amidst the flower gardens wondering at their beauty.

“Mother Teresa!” a young voice sounded, face alight with joy. Bending to embrace the running child ancient arms embraced the future.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes.



I was pleasantly  surprised when a beautiful floral arrangement with a box of chocolates attached came to my door this morning! Noting the card I strongly suspected my daughter (I wasn’t seeing anyone and any would be suitors – should there be any- wouldn’t know my address).

I was wrong. Written in the card was a note from my grandson thanking me for taking care of him and ending with “love you!” Sooo sweet!

Of course I’m sure this had a great deal to do with the afore mentioned daughter (and maybe her PA) but none the less it was a good feeling. Being single is always a little lonesome on Valentines day, but this was a nice reminder that love takes many forms.

31 day challenge day 10


List 15 of your favourite things.

  • Time alone with God.
  • Sunrise and sunset.
  • Family and close friends.
  • Italy and China.
  • Getting toasty warm after a long, cold trip.
  • Deep conversations.
  • A good book (or movie).
  • Chocolate (had to get it in somewhere!)
  • Being given flowers (my son is great at this, even knows my current favourites – no wonder he’s a ladies man lol!)
  • Good news from far away.
  • Snuggling up in bed after a long day.
  • Learning new stuff (I’m a perpetual student.)
  • Being in love. (Couldn’t leave that one out!)