Dream Magic.


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Do we all dream alike? I’m often amazed at dream concepts related or portrayed in paintings and movies so vastly different to my own. I wonder at the diverse worlds we enter when sleeping.
Personally my dreams generally come in two varieties, what I term “frustration dreams” (often after a stressful day) where I’m trying to find something (a place, person, or item of clothing – even the bathroom!) but just can’t find it.

The other more usual dreams are practical or inspirational. In these dreams I discover solutions to problems, new creative ideas and of course my best stories! I often take it for granted that if I “sleep on it” the answer will probably be right there in my head when I wake up. I’ve discovered though many folks find this unusual. Do my fellow writers also glean words and stories in that wonderful stage between sleep and waking?
As a child I suffered a lot from nightmares feeling myself attacked by some evil force, in total darkness, unable the move or speak, powerless. Thankfully this all changed when I discovered my “magic” word – Jesus. Shouting it out in my dreams gave instant and permanent freedom from nightmares (though I can have troubling dreams on rare occasions they are never frightening and I feel a measure of control if needed.)

I’ve also had a few “prophetic dreams” particularly when I was young and still “finding my way”. These were very different from my usual dreams and were later fulfilled acting as signposts at crucial times in my life.
I’m a lucid dreamer (meaning I’m usually subtly aware when I’m sleeping and can steer my dreams to a great degree thus affecting the outcome). I love the state when sensitivity is heightened and ideas, solutions, (and stories) flow through my waking mind. Sometimes I can’t remember a dream but the peace it gave me in some stressful situation remains on waking.
I tend to approach sleep with a slight air of excitement as one going on a voyage of exploration where new ideas, truths, and glorious pictures become reality for a while and in passing I can gather some up like passing star dust to share with others.

I don’t agree at all with Freud and his interpretations which seem a futile attempt to catalog a realm that is truly beyond our understanding as yet, somehow soiling its beauty in the process. I tend to agree with J P Jackson that dreams are a wonderful gift that we can learn to explore to our profit. I find it strange when some Christians reject the idea that dreams can also be God given. The Bible is full of prophetic dreams – take Daniel for example!
It’s my personal belief that when we sleep and our bodies go to work repairing and growing that our minds likewise sort, catalog, and process the things we’ve been through that day (which is another reason we need more sleep in traumatic times).
What about you? What do you believe and what are your dreams like?

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(Portrayal of lucid dreaming I found)