I have so many blessings it’s tiring me out!


I seem to have so many blessings it’s tiring me out lol! Life is so full of good things, my wonderful family, incredible parties and BBQs, sailing, plants and allotment, great friends, writing, blogging etc. I just wish I had extra energy to enjoy it all more! Now approaching my 67th birthday and having to “pace myself” somewhat it reminds me of the saying that life should be lived to the full not limping to the finish line but skidding into last base lol!

God has been good to me and my more frequent times of rest are punctuated more and more by my heartfelt thanks and appreciation of all He does for me on a daily basis.

Life increases blog decreases lol!


Sorry my blog and reader have been very neglected of late. Since this is majorly due to family reunions, parties, picnics, etc. etc. I wont apologise too much lol! Hope you are all also enjoying the spring and all its joys.

(The photo is me enjoying 20s style dress up at my daughter’s 40 birthday party – the climax of recent events. )

So I’m not the only one!


(The photo is from bing images as we can’t take photos of our special sailors)

My eleven year old grandson was a little anxious at the idea of accompanying me to my volunteer sailing. He loves kayaking and water in general but wasn’t sure how he’d be around disabled folks. (He was staying with me while his parents were away.)

“I don’t know how to act, I just feel so bad for them,” he explained.

“Don’t “act”, just be yourself, they are experts at that,” I explained. “Show them respect by treating them as you would anyone else.”

He was trying extra hard to be helpful as we helped ready the boats. A normally friendly guy, he seemed a little reticent around all us busy retired folks (it being a week day the younger volunteers  were working). Then the “special” sailors began to arrive. He’d been helping fish out the weed with a long branch (it’s been a problem this year) and one of the teenage sailors seemed to think this a great task and joined him.  They seemed to quietly enjoy each other’s company sharing the task, so our smart leader decided to try him on a kata-canoe together with several other sailors and a carer.

I was drafted to the safety boat from which I noticed a lot of noise coming from the canoe, my grandson’s voice yelling above the commotion. Concerned that he might be making a nuisance of himself (he can get a bit much sometimes lol!) we drew alongside and I asked the carer  if he was getting too rambunctious, but he replied, no he was doing great at getting the others to join in.

After the session ended he came bounding up.

“I’ve never had so much fun and I just made five new friends! I see what you mean Gran , I really like these guys!” he yelled at me.

That was it for the rest of the day. He went out twice more on the canoes not only pulling his wait paddling hard in the hot sun, but getting the kids/families to join in. He was so appreciated that a family, that came for the first time that day, tried to give him a tip! Lol! (We explained that he had had as much fun as their kids and no way did they need to tip him!) but I heard them talking to each other saying they’d never expected it to be so much fun and that they’d definitely be bringing the kids again.

Home exhausted, but happy, he asked eagerly “can I come again next week?”

“You were right about them Gran,” he added, “they were more fun than my regular friends. They don’t try to act cool, they are just themselves and it’s so much fun being with them.”

The bonding surprised me and I was real proud of him. He’d seen right past their varied disabilities to recognise their true value.

What could be better.


Wonderful barbecue at my son’s apartment. Enjoying time with some of my family, meeting his friends and admiring his decor (I really was amazed – not usually a guy thing – highly creative – beware ladies!)
Sunshine blessed veranda, wine, beer,snacks, meat of all sorts and great international company. Remembering being so young and enjoying it for a while. Life is good!

Sixty + fun!


I had such an enjoyable day yesterday! (I’m a volunteer with a group that takes disabled people, sailing on the lake near where I live.)
First session, perfect sailing weather (sun and light wind) with a great “special” partner – a chatty young girl with a big smile, heaven!
Then adventure! As I took off a second time from the jetty, I noticed two big black clouds either side of the lake. All seemed fine till the wind picked up (prelude to heavy rain) gusting us mercilessly towards the shallow water . With visions of being stuck in the reeds while the safety boat removed their rudder to reach us and those black clouds rained down, I began to wave frantically.
The problem was my companion, joining in the “game”, began to wave also. The safety boat waved back happily, thinking “those guys are really having fun!” Eventually they got the point and came to drag us back to deep water and we all made it back before the skies opened. Everyone had a good laugh about that one!
Adventure over, sheltering from the rain, I sighed as I was assigned as helper on the safety boat.. (The safety boat is always the last on the water if it rains!)
Surprisingly instead of a drenching it turned out to be the funest time ever. Not only did the rain stop and the sun appear but, due to only two sailing boats (both with very expert crew members) to watch out for, the motor boats had nothing to do. Soon an impromptu “water fight” began between us and the patrol boat creating wakes to rock/splash each other, reeling and twirling like a fairground ride. I don’t know when I last screamed and shrieked with laughter so much! (amazing for all us 60 +ers.) Our boat “won” with never a drop of wash water reaching us (well the guy on the tiller was a retired sailing instructor lol!) The two “special sailors” watched from the sail boats laughing and enjoying the entertainment.
Sometimes I feel so young!

sometimes God makes me laugh!


As always God answered wonderfully, providing every item on the detailed appartment/house hunting list my daughter and I made and claimed in prayer

  1. Within her budget (in an area where renting is so competitive tenants out bid each other) it was marked down!
  2. Close by (literally round the corner.)
  3. Central heating, double glazed, good standard etc. etc. (even has a small garden).
  4. What was so funny? We claimed good security. Looking at a small sign on the side of the building I read, “Police Station”. lol!
  5. (It’s the old, original one for our little town, long since converted into a cute cottage!)

Great nautical day.


My sister made one of her seasonal London day trips today. We had a great time together with a topical cruise down the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich narrated in traditional style by one of the crew.  I grew up and worked here for quite a while when I was young, but I was surprised to learn quite a bit from it . We then looked over the Maritime Museum and had lunch in the little cafe there before getting the boat back . It amazes me how you can think you know a place yet have missed a very obvious facet of it.

I’d not really thought much about London’s history from the point of view of the river, but really the river began it all in the first place!

Some fun Thames facts for foreigners.

  1. I know its spelled Thames but it’s said Tems (how we cringe when we hear its name mispronounced).
  2. Though originally a beautiful pure river teeming with wildlife it became so smelly (due to its use as general sewer and dumping ground) that Parliament was unable to function for the stink (that’s when the London sewers were created). Happily it’s now once more one of the freshest rivers in the world.
  3. From the river you can see “Traitors Gate” the notorious river entrance to the Tower of London (few ever made it back out).
  4. With London’s old muddy clogged roads, the river was once the fastest way to get around and abounded with small craft ferrying folks here and there.
  5. The previous London bridge (there have been five!) was found to be sinking in Thames mud so was sold and transported to the USA.
  6. A river cruise is a great way to see London passing lots of famous landmarks, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Shard, St. Pauls, and Big Ben, to name but a few.
  7. The Thames is a tidal river rising several meters, so the current changes in different directions throughout the day (making it tricky to navigate).
  8. Pirates were once executed by being chained to a post against a wall of the river for three tides.
  9. The Thames police were the first British police force (even before the Bow Street Runners).
  10. On the celebratory opening day of Tower Bridge the bridge failed to open and the first ship crashed into it.
  11. These are just a few items to wet your appetite. So if you are ever in London take a cruise. You can go anywhere between Henry VIII’s Hampton Court in the west to the Thames barrier in the east on anything between a speed boat and a leisurely wine and dine dinner cruise. It’s all great fun!