One man’s evil outshone by the goodness of many.


Again terror pours down on the innocent, this time in different guise. Yet again the out come is the same. One evil perpetrator, but many, so many, stories of the good, the heroic. Let us never loose this perspective. The evil are few, hiding out with their bombs, guns, knives and megaphones, but the forces of good are everywhere, hidden away under a camouflage of “everydayness”. It is only at times such as this they become visible.


Darkness is not the opposite of Light!


Contrary to what is often accepted darkness is not the opposite of light but the absence of it. A subtle distinction but it’s where this thinking leads that makes it important.
The opposites label tends to invoke the idea that light and darkness are two forces of equal power. If you want to disprove this just turn on a light, it’s clear darkness has no power of its self as light has, there is no battle of opposing forces. When the light is turned on the darkness disappears because it has no true substance.
This is important is because light and darkness are so often used as symbols of good and evil, God and the Devil, but in the same way, as anyone who has truly tapped into the power of prayer knows, just like light and darkness, there’s really no contest, when God comes evil is powerless.
It’s good to remember this when seeing so much evil portrayed – the “light switch” is always there waiting for us to turn it on.