Happy Christmas from songbird! But, if not…


Wishing you all a wonderfully happy Christmas full of love, joy, hugs and kisses from those you love.

For those alone this Christmas, for whatever reason, may the Prince of Christmas himself fill your heart with the joy of his presence, that never leaves, always loves, forgives, cares. No matter where we find ourselves in life he’s just a prayer away each and every day and would love to spend Christmas cuddled together with you, bringing with him the magic innocence of childhood and the implicit wisdom of the ages.

From this little birdie let me add my own love, brother, sister, and a long lingering hug to any that may need one. xxx

Have a Wonderful Christmas!



No, it’s not really snowing here in London but I can dream! (I did in fact dream it snowed but then I woke up!) Messages from family and friends are coming in fast now, Christmas is here and I must pack up, close my lap top and head off to explore my daughter’s finally completed new house renovations and my son in law’s incredible cooking ( he wont let anyone else in the kitchen!) So I wish you all a great Christmas full of joy, love, hugs, kisses, fun surprises and happy memories. God bless!