31 day change day 4


What are you afraid of?

Spiders . They have to top the list. I am a true arachnophobic (from birth). I’ve had to conquer my fears somewhat (especially living in the tropics for a long time) and can now shakily trap a small one between cup and paper and place it outside if no one’s nearby to rescue me, but in the case of the larger species my humanity goes out the window, emotion overcomes reason and they get totally pulverised with the nearest suitable object (usually till long after death has been achieved!)

I’ll happily play distressed maiden (not my usual role) to any guy who will rescue me from having to deal with these creatures (I even have an arrangement with my kind-hearted neighbour). Guys are great for that stuff, but they are not always around.

Spooky stuff. No horror movies for me!

Pitch black darkness especially together with confined spaces. Probably due to frequent nightmares as a kid when, being a very restless sleeper, I’d get trapped with my head at the foot of my bed under a bunch of tightly tucked blankets (no duvets back then) and panic.

Being embarrassed. Really should have gotten over this by now! I think the reason it’s persisted is because I still manage to blush beacon red in such circumstances (at least it feels that way to me probably no one else even notices).