Not again!


What a way to wake up! Phone beeps, maybe a message? No, it’s London friends and family on face book saying they are safe – not again!!!

I press that I’m also safe they should know I am, but still…   My heart goes out to the loved ones who will not wake to such a message, who’ll find their precious ones gone or wounded.

I can’t understand people who can do these things, much less those that induce them to it. Thank God for our sharpshooting police and the intrepid transport policeman who tried to intercept them, another brave man injured.

Teresa May should hang her head in shame at how she’s undermined the support of these heroes!

For those not in the know she’s responsible for a series of devastating cuts in the police force to where they often have to go into danger minus back up, patrol alone and are so busy racing from one crime to another (and filling in mounds of paperwork) they have little time for the much needed investigations etc. Our police are some of the best in the world but they need our support. They sure as hell don’t get it from Teresa May past or present .




My heart grows numb to violence. The news is sad, more killing and in its wake my fears grow, not for my own safety, but for where this will end. I see posts of hate flooding the networks, irresponsible, deluded men proclaimed heroes. (To be murdered, tragedy though it is, does not make one a hero, nor a martyr of free speech.) A hero is one who gives or endangers his life for others or a worthy cause. Heroes should not be devalued this way, they are worthy of our respect. These men, dreadful as their murder was were not.

Now the hate on both sides will grow, fanned by media coverage, moderates will be pushed from influence. I have travelled enough to know terrorists are not made by mere religious fanatics; the seeds are too often sown and watered by the actions of western, supposedly Christian, nations. Were we true Christians the lies of our adversaries would find no ground to grow. My heart bleeds not only for the dead but for those who will die because of this in years to come.