Thoughts on “Make Love not War” get together Dusseldorf Germany


from July 2014

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love not war

It won’t make a difference, nor the endless stream of petitions we sign. Even if a minor concession or victory is gained it’s as a drop in the ocean and the tide is coming in! We can only make it clear we personally want no part in this destruction.

No, I’m not a pessimist quite the opposite, but my heart cannot stand to look at another picture of a maimed or disfigured child. Only faith keeps hope alive.

I think Gayle Urwin (one of my favourite people) summed it up best when questioned whether he believed in the “end time”. He simply asked, whatever perspective you looked from, ecological, social, scientific etc. were things improving and getting better or rapidly getting worse. He didn’t need to say more.

Watching the news the question is no longer “can we turn this thing around?” as it was when I was young, more…

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31 day Challenge Day 5



Ten songs you love right now?

This is going to be the toughest assignment! Why? because I don’t like music? No, I love listening to music. The problem is that as I don’t partake of TV or radio my contemporary music exposure tends to be an occasional face book post from my kids etc. Add to this I generally listen to Christian music (encouraging with all the bad stuff right now) 60-70’s songs or classical and with my non-existent memory and IT lacks I frequently don’t remember the artist or even titles of songs. So enough with the excuses! I’ll try to come up with 10 songs.

  • “Mary Did You Know” by Pentatonix (the guys who make the musical accompaniment verbally – amazing! and they bring a new one out every Christmas.)
  • “California Dreaming” by Mamas and Papas (great for drab, rainy, English winter like now – of course I’m not visualizing California but all those sunny places I’ve lived.)
  • “Nights in White Satin” by Moody Blues (beautiful dreamy old song that brings back 100 memories.)
  • “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf (the rush of the road and the past energy of youth overwhelm me again every time I hear it.)
  • “Carry On” by Crosby Stills and Nash (Memories of when hope was new and fresh and world peace seemed attainable – if you are wondering “why so many hippie type songs?” my son in law downloaded a bunch for me at Christmas – I was surprised to find he liked them too.)
  • “Blowing in the Wind” by Bob Dylan.
  • “Where Have all the Flowers Gone” Joan Bias (Two classic anti-war songs that can still tear me up.)

After two sad songs gonna cheat a bit here for 8-10 and add some real “feel good” music from Abba with the “Mamma Mai” songs (I love them all and listen again and again but don’t know most titles.)

Can I get a pass please teacher? Please? pretty please?