Following this advice…


Following this advice I’m sorry to have been neglecting my blog/reader. My daughter and grand daughter are visiting from S E Asia triggering lots of family meet ups etc. My negligence will probably become worse when I fly back with them for two weeks in Malaysia to enjoy Chinese new year celebrations together, but… I’m hoping after that to be back at my laptop with lots of exciting photos to share.
Hope you are all likewise enjoying life, be it fast and adventurous or slow paced and tranquil (it’s all good!) Love to you all!

All excited.


See you all in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow my friend and I are off to Barcelona for 10 days courtesy of my wonderful kids who gave me a surprise birthday gift of tickets for two and some spending money anywhere in Europe back in August. After some delays (ruling out the more beach type venues) we settled on Barcelona. I’ve wanted to see the wonderful architecture there since my college days (and it does have beaches so I’ll still see the sea.) I’m hopping with excitement!

It’s that time again!



Schools out for half term and I have a ten year old partner for all my shenanigans. Two thoughts!



We are having fun!

(The 2nd thought was fulfilled when my grandson not only managed to somehow drip chocolate ice cream down his T shirt but slip on a branch and fall in the edge of the lake. lol! He had fun though!.

Life in the Slow Lane (or a case of sleeping sickness)



I thought my life was pretty leisurely and laid back till I went to visit my sister in a country village near the historic beach town of Weymouth (famous for it’s sand and links to Georgian monarchs)

The adjustment began on the first evening when at 8pm. I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open. What a rude guest! (I generally sleep at about 12pm so this was highly unusual). I put it down to the fresh sea air. Little did I realize this was to be a constant problem each afternoon and evening (not to mention the resultant teasing from my brother in law who is 13 years older than me and perfectly immune to the disease!)


Dorset is famed for it’s beautiful gardens and scenery. We had a coffee (tea for me of course) here to rest from our walk through the fields. Strange I don’t remember anyone tapping away on their phones and silent luls in the conversation seemed to be considered normal.

It being Easter there were special activities including a morning raid by pirates (stopping for a beer at the local pub of course) before the beachfront fight


There was even a sailing ship to wonder round and look inside.



Did the New Year Start Without Me?


Five days into a new year and I feel I’m running somewhere behind trying frantically to catch up. With holiday events, meet ups with family and old and treasured friends somehow I feel I missed the coming plot.

Decisions I postponed “till after the holidays” now loom before me shaking my sleeve to get my attention. After a week of going between two houses (I was “dog sitting” for my daughter) whilst enjoying the company of a visiting old friend I seem to have been literally jumping between worlds. Now finally the holidays are over. I had a wonderful time, one of my best Christmas’¬† but instead of firing on all engines I feel a need to sit and ponder many things. Logic tells me this should have happened before new year. My grandson surprised me with all his new resolutions yet mine are unformed, waiting on decisions yet to be made.

Yet a new year is a beginning not an end. Perhaps it’s healthy and a sign of growth to be faced with so many questions. Perhaps rather than jumping in I can slowly feel my way forward as the mist clears and things take form. Perhaps this new year is something to be explored rather than conquered.