4th. of July From a British Perspective! (Just for fun!)


4th july

Independence day! Er… long term are you sure we didn’t win guys?

Our taxes are less than yours now and if we live abroad we don’t even have to pay (what a waste of tea!) We get back FREE health care, (remember that one in the news somewhere…) state pensions, unemployment, housing, and incapacity benefits (the Scandinavians have it even better!)

Protective laws (UK and EU) mean we can live in the security of knowing we are not eating GMO foods nor will we be sued if their seeds get blown in our fields. We also have no need to run the gauntlet of many drugs and chemicals banned in other parts of the world. Best of all it’s pretty hard to arrest/kill/intern us without raising a media storm – thank God for British law!)

I’ve heard no rumours (so far) of massed coffins, potential death camps or draconian military procedures to keep me awake at night and the media (while pretty biased) at least gives some indication of differing world views.

Of course all this didn’t come easy. I explained to friends in China, a social democracy is a slow, painful, and on-going process that took us over a thousand years to get this far (and seems unfortunately to be somewhat unraveling).

All this being said anyone want to emigrate when the festivities are over?

Whoops! That’s right pretty hard to get in now, too many folks caught on!

(Just teasing I know every country has its pros and cons. Have a great celebration!)