Not again!


What a way to wake up! Phone beeps, maybe a message? No, it’s London friends and family on face book saying they are safe – not again!!!

I press that I’m also safe they should know I am, but still…   My heart goes out to the loved ones who will not wake to such a message, who’ll find their precious ones gone or wounded.

I can’t understand people who can do these things, much less those that induce them to it. Thank God for our sharpshooting police and the intrepid transport policeman who tried to intercept them, another brave man injured.

Teresa May should hang her head in shame at how she’s undermined the support of these heroes!

For those not in the know she’s responsible for a series of devastating cuts in the police force to where they often have to go into danger minus back up, patrol alone and are so busy racing from one crime to another (and filling in mounds of paperwork) they have little time for the much needed investigations etc. Our police are some of the best in the world but they need our support. They sure as hell don’t get it from Teresa May past or present .

Worth a thought!


I have no idea if these figures are wholly accurate, (do cows really kill that many people?)but they are certainly thought provoking due to the fact proportionally they can’t be that far off!
One less obvious thought occurred to me also:
Although beheading by ISIS is intensely traumatic (and something I’d definitely want to avoid!) it is relatively quick and painless compared to the slow torture endured during death by big pharma!

The only effective way to stop ISIS.


So now my own country has joined in the bombing (UK).

I haven’t heard a single voice in favour, (and it’s a hot topic!) Everyone seems horrified that they could be so stupid. It has come to a bad state where even the most uninformed and uneducated has more sense than those who are in power. (But then sadly I doubt they are really that stupid, I’d venture corruption, either by greed or manipulation.)

I can see a possible need for force in some situations, but generally speaking you can’t bomb a philosophy, you have to disprove it. All this bombing is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The way to stop a fire is to not feed it, and douse its oxygen supply with compassion, camaraderie and love.

Can there be a happy ending?



I was greeted this morning by a face book message saying a friend was safely accounted for after the “Paris Terror Attack”.

My mind went into free fall. Oh no not again! There are times I wish my mind was not quite so agile. I scan the news, 120 dead (and counting) Suicide bombs and automatic rifles… My mind kicks in again – that’s just the dead, for them it’s finished, there’s the grieving families left behind, worse – the injured. My mind’s already doing stats – general percentage death to injury. As the pictures of screaming victims, severed limbs, disfigured faces and bodies kick in my mind has already leapt ahead – this means reprisals!

It means anger, hate, further attacks pushing the moderate Muslims (who, like us, just want to live in peace) further into the militant camp. This means more hate, more aggression, more killing, more injury, more orphans.

My suspicious mind jumps one more step, Friday the 13th. -obviously chosen for its significance … but that would make no sense to a Muslim mind. They would not choose that day over another…

It must have been carried out by Muslims (even the best CIA operatives would not volunteer as a suicide bomber.- even they are not that crazed.) So why Friday 13th? There’s got to be another factor in this mix, but what?

The reports of automatic weapons also raise questions – you can’t exactly sneak one of those under your coat – how did they get them in – hmm seems the killers might need inside co operation of some kind. If so those folks are still at large. Too many questions, the greatest of which is, “How can this end well?”

At times like this I take refuge in my own faith that God sees all, every heart.

I imagine a God of love taking one of these bombers by the hand and, tears in His eyes, showing them how deluded they have been. I imagine the terrible anguish of soul when realization dawns that their idealism has been manipulated by evil, the horror of the chain of destruction they have been part of. I cannot feel anger towards them, only deep, deep sorrow. They are as much victims as those they destroyed.

Hate begets hate, aggression begets aggression. Long ago God gave this creation into our hands to choose between good and evil, to choose the good becomes harder and harder, often requiring a great degree of courage.

I’m glad God is the judge in all this and not me. I await in hope that one day, when the time is fulfilled He will intervene and at last we shall have peace, and those that truly sowed these seeds, whoever they are, find their retribution.

Playing it forward!



A 95-year-old Jewish publisher saved from Nazi-occupied Austria as a child is now funding the flight of Syrian Christians who are seeking refuge from ISIS.

Lord George Weidenfeld says he has “a debt to repay” after Christian Quakers and the Plymouth Brethren helped him escape to Britain in 1938.

Last Friday, the Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund supported the transport of 150 people flown by privately-chartered plane from Syria to Poland. The fund aims to provide 12 to 18 months of paid support for up to 2,000 Christians in Syria and Iraq seeking refuge from the extremist group’s persecution.

His work was inspired by the late Sir Nicholas Winton, who helped save 669 mostly Jewish children from Czechoslovakia at the start of World War II.

(READ more at The Independent) – Photo: YouTube