31 day challenge day 21


The best thing to happen this year?

wedding flowers

This is a difficult choice as two of my daughters got married (one in Mexico and one in Italy). I have to go with the Italy one because of the beautiful story it entails.

My eldest daughter fought through difficulties to hold her marriage together for the sake of their two children only for her husband to suddenly leave her for a Brazilian lady. She went through hell feeling unwanted and deserted. Finally she went on the attack to regain her confidence, regained her figure, dried her eyes and started dating again. Though she got many offers in the two years she spent alone (she’s smart and extremely pretty) no one won her heart till she met a handsome “Italian stud” at a party. Just two problems he’d been through a very bad marriage experience also and didn’t want a long term relationship and they lived over 800 miles apart!

The first problem was solved on her first visit to see him in Venice (in his own words he saw her smile at the airport and he was a “gonner”). Both smitten they traveled back and forth for almost a year till finally he moved to England so they could be together and proposed in the beautiful Italian castle where they had their first date. They married there in June after a 3 year wait for divorce papers etc. in a beautiful fairy tale wedding (see my post on real life fairy tales). There were many wet eyes of friends and families as they are both known for their big hearts and it seemed like we were living a fairy-tale that they had found each other.

Their 20’s style wedding video went viral so I can’t post a picture of them ( photos are friends and family only now). The photo above is just of the table decor, but I can only say they looked every big as beautiful as the arrangement.

31 day challenge day 21


Your 10 favourite foods?

1) Chocolate. (My only addiction!) dark, no milk and not much sugar. I have a great homemade recipe using a cocoa powder and coconut oil base (add raisons, nuts, seeds, dates etc according to taste) which is at least pretty healthy.

2) Mangos. I’m crazy about all fruit (particularly the tropical kind) the fresher the better. Tropical fruit is no good here in the UK though as its artificially ripened and just doesn’t have the same flavour. Mangos for example should be soft in texture like a peach not rock hard! (My grandson didn’t know that).

3) Avocados. I didn’t like these when I was young but now I’m crazy about them (maybe there’s something my body needs now that it didn’t before).

4) Yes, I do feel horrid about it (eating lambs) but every now and then I must confess to eating a lamb chop or two, they’re so delicious.

5) Italian ice-cream (the real stuff found only in Italy). Yes, I know its not healthy but your taste buds haven’t lived till you taste it (add sultry Italian evening, good friends and that passing smile from a romantic looking Latin…. whoops! Back to reality!)

5) Chinese moon cake. I do like the usual ones (with a salty egg surprise in the middle of altra sweet cake) but they wouldn’t make this list. They actually come in many different types. There’s one I only had once as its a specialty (and expensive) made with mostly nuts and fruit, that is list worthy!

6) My daughter’s homemade cheesecake, heavy on the lemon and light on the sugar (best cake I ever tasted – shame she lives in China.)

7) Peking duck. Soft slices of duck you roll in a white pancake with shredded cucumber and spring onion and a special sauce – its the sauce that makes it. I still remember when I first ate it! (It’s not the same here all Chinese restaurant food tends to be “Chinglishised” to sell to the English.

8) Polish bread. I can’t find it in London now (they sell Polish things but not that particular kind). It was heavy and grainy, full of flavour and nutrition just how I like my bread.

9) Italian pizza straight from a stone Italian pizza oven. Horribly fattening but delicious, again think the setting red wine, cool evening, whoops there I go again!

10) Smoked salmon. Mmmmm! I could eat a whole plate full if only it was cheaper.