Light, water, trees and the occassional human, my idea of heaven.


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My new favourite walk, that has enticed me to treck three miles around the furthest lake three days in a row to get these shots. (first day I discovered it, second I brought my camera only to discover it was out of battery lol! Today perfect!) The river runs alongside on one side of the lake. I took 98 photos in all (so many gorgeous views!) these are some of my favourites.


Lifegiving Moments.


Still and quiet, the whispers drift towards me, borne on placid lake waters.

Sunlit glimmers, pearlized soft blue and pink waters are picture framed in the squared wood lookout of the old bird watcher’s hide. Breathless, I gaze enthralled, the intense beauty unreal.

Startled I turn. I’m not alone. Joined by an old man, his face weathered as the wood beams. We speak in quiet tones of heron and egret, of terns and the ever-present grebe. We don’t look at each other as we speak, our gazes entrapped by still water, the play of light, and the gliding, skimming shapes of birds.

We speak of grandchildren, of I pads and smart phones, of the few still able to partake of the immense beauty of such golden moments.

A sunny walk near my place.


(Above) Some of the boats we use to take out our “special sailors”

(Two below) We call it the nursery due to the number of swan, geese and duck families in residence – looking for a free breakfast.


(Next 3 views of one of the locks on the Grand Union Canal)






Gate to the bird sanctuary ( a much wilder area!)



Two smaller beauties I noticed. (The thistles in the bird sanctuary were like a forest higher than my head!)





Spring in London (Well just outside actually).



I love this time of year when the buds begin to open as if sleeping eyes woke to the sun, so sudden from one day to the next.


Silver birch-  one of my favourite painting subjects.


Cool, still waters of the lakes.


Trees in blossom everywhere!


In spite of “severe cut backs” still alive and greeting the sun, somehow reassuring.


An old man walking his dog told me “there’s a black swan here now. Don’t know where it is, maybe the other lake.”

I hadn’t seen it yet but promised I’d keep an eye out. Right then it appeared from behind a tree conveniently preening it’s self just a few steps away. There are many swans on the lakes and river here but the black one is a first!


I love to peep between trees at the water (hard to get the effect on camera though.)


Finally , not as pretty, but often my port of call after walks or photography (they serve amazing hot chocolate, or, now it’s spring, home made ice-cream or smoothies!)