Winter Sunshine


sails 002

Colours gust upon the wind invading the domains of water fowl.

lake 006

Upstaged by bright vigor the yachts give way in turn to young adventurers.

lake 007

Swaying and dancing trees doff their leaves, like light flowing garments to the wind’s embrace.

autumn 013

Like carved cathedral screens dark, woven, trace-work frames the waters.

A Little Magic to Start My day.


I had a surprise in store as I set off with my grandson, thick, white mist had shrouded the lakes, ducks and swans swam in suspended silver grey silhouettes floating magically in space as if in levitation. A goose rose on the wing creating dapples as defused sunlight beamed through in glory bathing all in a golden glow.
We both stopped awe struck. I don’t think I ever saw anything so beautiful. I wished I had my camera but realized a sight like this could not be captured by a mere lens.
Dropping off my grandson I returned soaking in the magic of creation as if walking in another world. Tree limbs contorted in green grey shadows like a primordial forest. I felt alone viewing the earth in its initial splendor, pristine, untouched. The gentle sound of lapping water added music to the ethereal background.

I wandered slowly breathing it all in as if somewhere inside it was soothing and cleansing. My worries dissipated, and the tinge of sadness that had assailed me yesterday was expunged as my heart began to sing recalling these wonders were ever prevailing, returning after man has had his way. I realized this, not the cities, politics, and strife, was the real world and it was beautiful!

The Bridge is Open!


morning lake and crys port 013

How wonderful to once more be able to take the scenic route with its resident psychiatrist (nature) to school every morning.  I return once more glowing with happiness from my bike trip rather than stressed and bothered. I appreciate it even more having had to go by road for three weeks. Once more I’m meeting folks out jogging or walking their dogs who smile a greeting and say good morning (they saw the therapist too) rather than the rushing throng juggling for position on road and pavement. Such a wonderful source of free mental medication!

(This is my favourite view I pass four times every day, early morning is the best though as captured here.)