Mother/daughter role reversals.



Re vamped my book cover, my daughter teaching me how to use photo shop to modify my original oil painting. I really like the changes (most of all that I got to do a large part myself). My daughter gets an A+ for patience (not to mention skills). Strange to remember how I once  taught her.

I did it! I did it!



I sailed solo around the lake for the first time ever yesterday together with my “special sailor” a sweet handicapped girl (daughter of one of the other volunteers). We kept the wind all the way and despite a few near things neither got grounded in the shallows nor collided with other boats (the boats are specially made not to capsize etc. – UK health and safety are stringent!).

I can sail! I can sail! Of course I’m still a total novice but it seemed so bewildering at first with all the ropes and rudder etc. I wondered if I’d ever manage it. It’s a wonderful feeling sensing the lift of the wind as you catch it, a little like flying, so much fun!

(who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!)

A happy bunny day!



I am a very happy bunny (if a little exhausted!lol!). Today was my first time to learn how speed boats work, help paddle a catamaran (along with an expert and two very enthusiastic handicapped teenagers), and get my initiation in how to sail a real sailing boat (in long term preparation to eventually take handicapped youngsters out sailing.).

Picture the perfect sunny day, a slight breeze, a still lake adorned with swans and wildfowl, excellent company and learning something new and you’ll see why I’m such a happy bunny!

Happy birthday Blog!



I just saw the message “Happy Anniversary with!” so it’s been a whole year since my first tentative attempts to learn about the strange (and scary) new world of blogging.

I seem to have learnt so much and “met” so many wonderful folks. It has surely been an inspiration to find so many “out there” that care about others and the wonderful world we live in, lots and lots of “kindred spirits”. So thank you to all of you that have written and read, liked and commented, over the past year. It’s been so inspiring swapping posts and ideas. I’ve broadened my horizons in so many areas, IT, new cultures, health, politics, even gardening, and chilled reading some of the terrific poetry and literature out there. I’m excited to venture into my second year with a little more know how under my belt (but still learning).

Since streamlining my blog and wading through a lot of old posts etc. I’ve decided to reblog some of those “oldie goldie” ones I started out with as they each reach their “birthday” dates so there’ll be lots of flash fiction and stories reappearing from their dusty archives.

A toast to the new year ahead! (Where did I put that bottle of wine!)

31 day challenge day 24



Your favourite childhood book?

This is difficult for me as my childhood is such a distant memory and I was an avid reader (usually reading 4-5 adult size books a week!) I even walked along the street reading, stopping only to cross roads. I was never without a book.

The only memory I have of a particular book from my younger childhood was “Winnie the Poo”, but that’s only because the librarian insisted a four year old couldn’t read a book like that, so asked me to prove it before she’d let me take it out. I did, but it was my pride in scoring over the librarian rather than actually liking the book that kept it in my memory (I said I had pride problems lol!) I should add also my sister taught me to read long before I ever went to school so she really should take credit for that!

I do remember when around ten being very fond of my dad’s Sir Walter Scott’s books. I’m not sure of the title of my favourite, but I think it was “Beltane the Smith” one of his lesser known ones but very romantic. I couldn’t abide the usual run of books my classmates used to read (“Famous Five” adventures were  particularly popular). I much preferred the classics and read pretty much all the age appropriate ones.

Is Your Life a bit of a mess?


When I went to study art I was shocked when the first thing they did was confiscate our pencils and stand us in front of a giant paper with only a nib pen and a pot of ink ( they did supply white paint for when things got too muddled to even see the lines.) The life model then appeared and took a complex reclining pose.
Their reasoning they explained was they didn’t want us to make the pretty little pictures we were used to. They wanted us to “think big and bold, to make decisions (and mistakes). A beautiful picture they explained meant you learnt nothing! A messy sheet was evidence of learning. They heartily applauded our hatched black lines sprawled across the muddied grey of white paint mixed with black mistakes. I had to admit at the end the final creations said so much more than our usual safe renderings.
I have come to apply the same principals to life. It’s those messy times, full of mistakes and attempts to “white wash” with their ugly edges and smudged lines that are some of our most fruitful. We find our vision enlarged, our concepts heightened and our humanity deepened. So don’t worry if you hit a “messy patch” continue to “think big”, to do your best to get it right and be honest when you get it wrong. Your world may not look pretty right then but heh you’re on a learning curve!