I Hate TV! (Am I weird or is it just everyone else?)


from October 2014

Song Bird Songs

I stopped watching TV in my teens (I’m now retired). It wasn’t a moral decision, (though it could have been) nor a wish to revolt against modern technology and actually I enjoy watching good movies and the odd documentary.
Rather it was a repugnance for the inferior quality trash that was being served out (it’s even worse now). I’m honestly not a snob and avoid “intellectuals” like the plague, I just can’t understand what attraction people see in watching it.
My father was very much addicted to his nightly “TV fix” so I’d sneak out after dinner (always served on our laps so he could watch) to paint and draw in the other room. After a while my mother joined me and we enjoyed our chatty evenings over paint and macramé while my dad watched on missing all the fun.
There’s never been the slightest temptation to get into watching…

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Summer snow on a Sunday afternoon



The fuzzy blossom that I cycled through like fluttering rains a few days back now carpets the floor.


The geese are still out foraging among the picnickers. Looking for a hand out they mistake my camera for bread.



A yacht overturns and there’s a momentary scurry as other boats come to the rescue sails snapping in the stiff breeze of the lake.


Meanwhile families, lovers, crazy teenagers and grinning boys take to the water.


I amble down the inviting paths and enjoy a secret, dappled enclave with the swans.