Congratulations you graduated! (In the school of life.)



Congratulations you graduated!

These words came upon me suddenly in a dream for no apparent reason and (still in the dream) I was arguing saying how could that be the case, I wasn’t aware of a “test” and if there was one I’d certainly not “passed”?

On waking I pondered how like life this actually is. In life’s “university” we are often unaware we are being “tested” till long after the event when we can look back with long-term eyes of wisdom and perceive that we are changed. Things impossible before are now easy to us, our patience, understanding and faith have been deepened in some way.

These tests often come in the form of long difficult periods when life seems to be stretching us to the limit, relief coming only in small indefinable stages and the victory often coming in changes in ourselves or our perception rather than in the circumstances.

Then, when we least expect it, we suddenly discover we have graduated, “school’s out” and we find to our astonishment not only did we pass but did so with honours! We still see our performance as “loserish” but we’ve suddenly become winners!