Like an eagle confined to a cage,
The soul chaffs for another world,
Brighter, freer world of soft winds,
Refreshing mist and high vistas.
It was never created for the cage.

When the hand of death opens
The confining door of flesh
It flies free
Seeking by instinct its true realm.

What Do I Believe?


from June 2014

Song Bird Songs


I believe in love in spite of the hate I see in graphic media footage, I believe in light in spite of the darkness that pervades the arts and society as a whole, and yes, I believe in God.
There was a time I didn’t. I felt the existence of a God of love amidst this mess of violence and corruption was a fantasy invented by man’s need for reassurance, for a superman who would make things right. (How telling the preponderance of super heroes nowadays).
I’d tried most things, education, travel, Buddhism (and other religious teachings), the quest for love, and a great many less acceptable things in my desperation, when God pretty much hit me over the head in an intense personal encounter that changed my life and perspectives forever. I realized God didn’t need my belief in him to be real. He was there whether I believed…

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You can’t paddle in high heels.



I love to feel soft sand between my toes, the suck of the sea as it pulls the tiny grains away in a surge of water, the smell of the ocean, the pulsing, rhythmic, sound of the waves. I delight in the childlike feeling as my feet splash along adding their own sound to the cacophony of delights.

You just can’t do that in heels, they sink in the sand and you’d fall over, there’d be no sensation, anyway the shoes would be ruined.

Life is like that too, it cannot be enjoyed while trying to retain a sophisticated image. The shoes just need to come off sometimes so the toes can wriggle in abandon! Perhaps sophistication is needed in some aspect of your life, but to truly live cast it off occasionally and head for the surf and leave your true footprints behind you in the sand.