It’s that time again!



It’s time for reunions, celebrations and chats. Time to catch up on a whole year (or more) of togetherness. A time of new beginnings, change and inspiration, a time to be there for each other.

Tomorrow my daughter and grand-kids fly in from China for their yearly visit and in 10 days my youngest will join me from Mexico for a few months while her hubbie sets things up for their move to Germany.

You’ll please excuse the next few weeks of chronic blog neglect! I wish you all a similarly wonderful time with those you love.

My Secret Garden.


from July 2014

Song Bird Songs


It was a rickety old stair case that led to my secret place far above the towering apartment buildings of our compound in southern China. The rusting metal framework with it’s shrouding of bamboo cutting off access had been beckoning me since my arrival.
Finally curiosity overcame my fears (no one would know, everyone was out). Grabbing a chair and with my mobile in my pocket (just incase) I climbed precariously. My legs barely able to straddle the bamboo scaffolding I grasped the iron rail and pulled myself over. Anxiety gripped me; would it still take my weight? Then I clambered upward.
What a sight met my eyes. Alone, neglected, a “garden” had bloomed. Some long gone owner had once stored things there (for there was no order) then, closing off the stairs, it had been abandoned forever – that is till I came. Towering cactus had bloomed from soil…

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