31 day challenge day 10



What’s in my fridge?

This says a lot about my lifestyle! lol!

1) Vegetables (always lots of them. I started eating them more for health and now I’m totally addicted). I like to buy fresh every few days from the family green grocer just round a corner. In summer I grow my own which are far tastier. At present there’s:

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots,parsnips, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms,

2) Fruit, there’s much more in the summer (artificially ripened fruit just doesn’t taste the same) So now just:

Lemons, oranges and apples.

3) Meat (I’m trying to limit this but I love the taste so…):

Bacon (great for adding flavour to beans lentils etc.) ham and frozen chicken legs in the freezer.

4)Dairy, I don’t buy into the anti fat thing – natural is better in my book ( margarine can’t even be classified as a food, it’s entirely man made?!?! – little rant lol!)

Butter, whole milk and 3 different cheeses

5) Other stuff:

Eggs, mustard, mint sauce, strawberry preserve (the bought kind for my grandson) apple juice (for my muesli – sounds funny tastes delicious – try it sometime!) homemade flapjacks and soup, left over red bean, mince and vegetable stir fry (from last night), and one “naughty item” a jar of mincemeat left over from making Christmas mince pies (well it was Christmas! ha!)

I’m interested to see what the others have. It’s a “hobby” of mine while waiting in the checkout line to peruse others baskets and make life style guesses, “hmm they’re throwing a party, having a barbecue, into snacking, don’t like cooking etc”. lol!