Feminist or Feminine?



A staunch woman’s lib. supporter in my teens, I was intent to do anything a man (or boy) could do from drinking whiskey to off-loading delivery trucks ( I was pretty good at it too!) There were lots of things to fight for back then in the 60’s, equal pay and opportunities were a far off dream and I was proud I gained my degree place in the “manly” art of sculpture against tough masculine competition.

Another movement began; strange they called themselves feminists as they seemed to want to copy or compete in male behavior. This caused me to question my feelings. I didn’t want to be a “dumb blond” or a second class citizen, but I also didn’t really want to be a man. Though I didn’t let on I rather enjoyed being courted with flowers and chocolate, to have gentlemen open doors and carry things for me. True to my Leo tendencies I enjoyed being pampered but wanted it known I was my own person and had claws should they be needed.

What I sought was respect for what I was, a woman, not an impersonation of a man. As time went of my enjoyment of being a woman increased along with my confidence. I reveled in my differences believing to behave as a man in order to compete was to betray my own kind. Women have qualities men just don’t have. I’ve also come to appreciate men as they are not the Hollywood icons but real men, faults and all. Now I can say I enjoy being a woman, and I enjoy men’s company. Like ying and yang men and women complement each other. Do I still believe in women’s rights? You bet! But men are not the enemy.