Remains. (sci fi flash fiction)


They were almost in sight now. He craned his head to see, the translucent walls of the craft enabling perfect vision. He glimpsed something far ahead a dingy grey/brown splurge on the horizon contrasting with the intense greens with which he had always been surrounded.

He’d never totally believed it, couldn’t comprehend this side of his own humanity, but there it was before his eyes a vast wasteland of decaying iron and concrete. Here and there a feeble tree or bush strove to bring life to the empty mounds, shriveled and corrupted. No, the “trees here were of another nature, bare metal poles and girders, once the support frames of the towers that had been inhabited, what they had been taught was a “city”, a place innumerable humans dwelled encased in glass and concrete, brick and steel. It was beyond his young comprehension.

It was mandatory to make this trip before taking on an adult role in the community, to learn from the mistakes, to take paths of peace, to understand where greed and anger could lead, to be content with the simple life of forest and lake, grasslands and sea. They were safe now, but the lesson had been learned at great cost. It must always be remembered. Hence this trip and so many others as each generation came of age.

The pilot inclined his hand and the vehicle circled whirling back towards the welcoming green haze on the horizon. He of course had no need of the craft, could have been there in an instant. The vehicle was for them, the earthbound, forged of the immense power and light of the being before them. He had always been in awe of the angels.

God is not “a loving God”. “God is love.”


This statement is so profound one has to let it really sink in. It just makes sense of everything. Where love is, there is God, where God is there is love. It makes no difference the race, the religion, the theology, if there is love there is God too, if there is no love the laws, the doctrines, the works are no more than husks.

“God is a spirit” and “God is love.” This speaks of real love of course the kind that is more concerned with another than itself (not the selfish possession of another  Hollywood can tend to hoist on us sometimes.) Love, pure, unconditional, sacrificial love, a touch of God’s spirit, the confirmation of our being made in His image. We know how to love and be loved. We don’t learn it. Babies just love, small children love and need love to thrive.

He could have been a God of war, of power, of justice and legality instead He is love and as His children we are blessed.

When confronted by the statement, “I don’t believe in God”. I ask, “Do you believe in love?” and smile to myself.