Our Easter fun.



Despite a deluge of English weather (rain, cloud sun, rain, cloud sun  etc.) we had a wonderful Easter party – though the petting zoo was somewhat neglected after the boys discovered my grandson’s nerf gun collection during one of the outbursts of rain.lol! Hope your Easter was equally enjoyable.

Old Friends.


From December 2014. Wishing you all great joy in your pre Christmas parties and merry making.

Song Bird Songs

old folks

(Of far flung friends I seldom see – photo from bing).

It’s oh so good to see them when parted oh so long,
The hugs and friendly greetings that lend the heart a song.
The smile that bares a tremble, the tear that dims the eye,
The subtle, soft, remembrance of days that have gone by.

It seems too much to soak it in when love floats all around,
Another, yet another, of times voices coming round.
The smiles now bare more wrinkles than when you knew them first,
But time and tide can not erase; the spirit from them bursts.

And all are in remembrance of sweet times so long gone by
The times when we were young and free and we had fun, oh my!
I hear now in the echoes of vintages grown old
The hearts refined in times harsh hand have turned at last to gold.

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Pleasure’s Vigil


after ban(from June 22nd. 2014)

Song Bird Songs

(Flash fiction on the theme of pleasure)

The ball is over. Chairs stand like silent sentinels, their tumbled silhouettes baring record of revels, each telling its story. The table’s rows, once neat and occupied, are now abandoned, askew, their late owners having vacated to other pleasures.

The ballroom chairs tell of wallflowers, sitting primly, fans aflutter. Masculine chairs turn in clusters where rowdy conversation once reigned. Drunken chairs, like their owners, lay in sprawled stupor.

But what is this? A peal of childish laughter breaks the silence, as a dog, bright eyed, ears flapping bounds across the room pursued by running feet, soft and fresh from sleep. As one day ends another begins. A white cloth, formerly adorning the counter becomes a tug of war, – sharp teeth versus chubby hands. A pitcher of wine that managed to survive the night’s foray falls victim, and, seized upon by eager fingers…

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They Make Great Teachers!



Posted in honor of attending my first ever dog birthday party.

Us humans did get a free barbecue and a chance to chat as the doggies played. We even had the usual (though canine) party animal  (exploring point three) jump down into the little river at the back of the garden. Thankfully my grand daughter’s friends took on the job of trying to get him out!