Why the Cat?


(From July 2014. My avatar used to be a cat – odd it’s now a bird! lol!)

Song Bird Songs


Actually I’m a dog person, but it seemed appropriate, particularly as it is watching rather than participating. Apart from my Leo birth date I know myself well enough not to claim the endearing canine qualities of total dedication to one individual. My Chinese sign (a rabbit) apportions me the attribute of loyalty and I am loyal, but it’s a more complex than that.
Like the cat I tend to be a loner by nature, independent, fiercely protective of my “cubs” but not so romantic relationships etc. Catlike I’ll enjoy the comfort of a warm and loving hearth, be amiable and affectionate, drink my milk from a bowl, but underneath is the knowledge that I can hunt and make my own way when needed and under my soft padding feet are sheathed claws, razor sharp should they be required. Yes, I think a cat is apt.

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So I really am INFJ.



Well that explains a lot! (my perfectionism, idealism, preoccupation with privacy (being a celebrity would be my worse nightmare!) and my frequent need for “alone time”).

The first time I did one of “those on line tests” I pretty much dismissed it as a bit of fun but I just saw another accredited one so thought I’d see if it came out the same. It did , so I read the blurb more thoroughly this time.

It was amazingly accurate and actually helped me feel a lot more “normal” (INFJ’s are one of the smallest divisions and account for less than 1% so I can sometimes tend to feel like an alien from another realm lol!)  I have some pretty awesome fellow INFJ’s too – Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King etc. all folks I really admire, so I don’t mind that kind of rarity.

If you haven’t tried one of these tests yet there are free ones on the web. I found it helpful in understanding myself in relationship with others. It helps to alleviate my confusion when others make decisions or voice opinions that totally baffle me.

People are fascinating!