Planet 84. (Sci-fi flash fiction)



The tiny pod lingered in the vastness of the universe. He was alone, barely enough fuel to make in to the surface. Sweat beaded his brow. Would he make it? Around him the pod bore the scars of its ejection through the meteor shower precipitating the end of the doomed star ship limping home, defeated, to a dying world. They’d gambled and lost. Now his species faced extinction, would he be the last he wondered, alone on planet 84?

Looking out of the window he marvelled at the glory of the galaxy around him, the neighbouring planets of solar 19. He could see it now, planet 84, his place of exile. He flipped on the analysis screen. That it had water, a breathable atmosphere, he knew, but it had yet to be fully investigated. He’d be the first human to set foot on its glowing orb, (if he made it that was…)

There was nothing he could do now but wait, wait as its radiant sphere loomed closer, glowing in the inky sky. It was not unlike his native Earth had once been, before rendered uninhabitable, pristine oceans, white cloud masses set against green brown lands. He’d seen pictures of earth, retained from the first space flights long, long ago, but seeing with his own eyes was different, a healthy, thriving planet alive with growth. What creatures would he find there? Might there be others like him, humanoid? He doubted it, in their frantic search for a new home they’d found none, only the devilish carnivores that called themselves Illumi and feasted on newly discovered human flesh, farming them like animals for their consumption. The fleet had been the last vestige of resistance, hidden in the depths of the dying earth. They had risked all in a futile attempt to save their people, but they had failed. Now, alerted to the possibility of rebellion, the Illumi would annihilate them. Tears streamed down his face, there was no one to see, no one at all.

They had entered its atmosphere. It looked like he was going to make it. Gazing down at the surface spinning past he was overwhelmed by its beauty. Turquoise oceans spotted with islands sparkled in the sun; mountain tops lifted their snow topped heads to the sky. Shifting to manual override he checked his fuel gage … It should be enough. This terrain looked familiar. He slowed a little. Three large triangles loomed through jungle canopies, definitely constructed by intelligent life, but would they be as the Illumi?

He’d seen them before, but where? No! It couldn’t be! But it was! His journey it seemed had not only been one of space but time. Below he saw the tribes people scatter as he touched down in what he knew one day would be Mexico.

Thoughts on Cities While in Guangzhou.



(Actually I love Guangzhou and its people, but these are aspects of many fast growing cities)

What lies within these concrete walls imprisoned in its tiny boxes? Souls that once worked  beneath brilliant skies, cut homes from stone or wood and, surrounded by nature, slept vivid dreams of peace. Now all is polluted. The air, the walls, the couch, the bed, send toxic fumes into their heads … repose of soul is hard to find.

Trailing vines dotted with flowers adorn overwhelming tangles of concrete climbing every pillar and hanging in verdant curtains in attempts to incorporate the inborn Chinese love of nature and beauty as spiraling roads obstruct the skyline and towering pollution dims their lines.

Men crawl like teaming ants. I observe them as they scurry to and fro engaged forever in a frantic rush to pile up goods for a winter that may destroy them all. Fighting over crumbs most don’t perceive the masters of this game. They tumble and burst forth as office and factory doors open joining the ever growing crowd rushing toward home, surging through the concrete jungle where righteous souls spin out lives of toil and baser sorts drift downwards in degradation. Their bellies, stuffed with trifles, they hunger to slake their thirst with things that do not satisfy.

Seeds drift upon the wind. Blown from their rural habitat they seek to take hold upon the city streets. Falling they find no haven in which to root and, trampled by pounding feet, they and their dreams die. A few chancing on some neglected crack, grasp hold and, defying obstacles, live a sordid life between granite rocks, reminders of another life where free and sturdy their ancestors toiled beneath sunlit skies and felt the fresh wind blow, where children unbeset by TV screens and computer games ran laughing through  bamboo glades and waded in marbled forest pools.

There were hardships then too, crops failed, rivers flooded, winters were hard and war entered often into budding fields. China has long carried her sorrows. Now concrete walls, unfeeling, unforgiving, enclose lesser beings in daily slavery and enthrone the greater in their emptiness were earth does not suffice for burial .

In death, their substance turned to ashes, they are imprisoned still in stone jars their shells never returning to that from which they were born.

Yet, if one would cease his toil for a moment and look upward he might see a messenger pass by, its tiny white fluttering as a flower on the wind and remember what this tiny teacher taught, that one who once crawled day after day, toiling to fill his ferocious appetite was transformed by an impulse not his own into this free winged fluttering upon the breeze. Even in the stench and dirt of man’s greatest cities the secret of the butterfly can be found.