Given water any dessert becomes alive, the secret is to draw down the rain.



Desserts are quiet, still places and often breathtakingly beautiful, places to be alone with God.

The desert times of your life can be like that too, depending what you focus on. Forget survival! Let God take care of that.  Instead raise your eyes to the beauties of your situation. Rain down praise and positive thoughts and watch the transformation. 

One of the most wonderful things to learn in life is how to bring the miracle of rain to those parched places. Create an oasis and watch the invisible seeds spring into blossom!

Peaceful Warfare.



I came across these two quote illustrations and thought how well they go together. First the concept, then the application.

(If you don’t believe in God or the Devil just think positive and negative forces.)


It’s a great mental strategy to check troublesome thoughts and see which column they belong to (just caught a random one while looking this over which, though well meant, has been bothering me and realized why – keep up the surveillance!)

I’m totally converted!



Yes I too have become a journal writer! You’d think it would be sufficient with my daily log (to do’s, directions, and prayers etc. I’ve been doing for over 10 years) and a more recent daily blog and so I told myself.

But after a great post on journals (thanks so much – wish I knew how to post a link!) coming right after some nudges during my morning prayer time I decided to try.

I’ve been astonished at the results!

1) I’ve felt that I was a bit lazy for several years (as I got older and tireder) but I was amazed when thinking over my days for journal writing just how much I was actually accomplishing! The journal focuses on what was done rather than things remaining on the list.

2) Pretty much every day there had been some special thing that often got buried under a pile of “doings” throughout the day. Recording these special things gave a lovely glow of remembrance before going to sleep.

3) Keeping a journal has made me realize just how blessed I am!