31 day blog challenge day 19


What do you collect?

Apart from books by my favourite authors, (which doesn’t really count) the only things I collect are items I think my grandson may use for one of his many “projects” cardboard boxes (from match boxes to parcel size), ribbon, and those odd items (washers, plastic bottles, pine cones etc.) that may fire up a 9 year old’s imagination.

I’ve moved often in my life usually from one country to another taking only what we could carry so the idea of collecting for its own sake never took root. I’m a very practical soul. I do enjoy very much looking at other folks collections though! Facinating!

31 day challenge day 7


What is in your handbag?

Er… actually it’s empty¬†(save perhaps the odd bus ticket or tissue). You see I hardly ever think to use my handbag (special events only). Getting around mostly by bike I tend to habitually use a backpack (Even when not cycling). You can stuff it with shopping, books, clothes etc. etc. so much more practical.

So I’ll rephrase the question. What is in your backpack?

Hat, scarf, gloves (it was chilly this morning.)

Wallet, glasses case (I have the glasses on to type), 2 band aids, 3 ibprofen tablets, pen, small pack of tissues and the constant old shopping receipts.

(I’m a practical gran LOL!)