31 day challenge day 23


Your dream job?

Now I’m older to be a writer and artist. Well actually that’s exactly what I’m doing now (another dream semi fulfilled). You see I’m retired so I don’t need to worry about the selling or publishing side so much, but then it doesn’t necessarily qualify as a job? (It’s more than a hobby). I’ve actually been self employed for many years so maybe this stage is just a work in progress. It would be nice to sell and publish, (not to become rich or famous I’d hate that), but I’d feel good knowing others enjoyed my creativity.

New Beginings Old Wisdoms


mountain sunrise

A new year peeps out before us like the first glimmers of sunrise glimpsed over the mountains.

Should I run yelling, arms waving towards it or pause just a moment before the light is upon me to look back? I glance over the year that’s passed, what progress, what victories, what dreams fulfilled I ask myself? I take account remembering the high ideals with which I started its predecessor.

A new question forms. What have I learnt? What wisdom can I take with me on my journey towards the rising sun, (for wisdom I have learnt is worth far more than achievements). Like a “get out of jail free” card wisdom can be traded in along life’s journey, it’s “ready cash.”

Progress? Yes, this blog is evidence of that. Victories? Yes, there have been many. Dreams fulfilled? Not yet but I follow a path that leads in that direction. Wisdom gleaned? Yes, (but those lessons were the hardest).

I turn again towards the rising sun, my backpack now set and loaded with dreams new and old, lessons, and past test papers I stand ready for what this new year may bring to light as it graces the heavens.

Is Your Life a bit of a mess?


When I went to study art I was shocked when the first thing they did was confiscate our pencils and stand us in front of a giant paper with only a nib pen and a pot of ink ( they did supply white paint for when things got too muddled to even see the lines.) The life model then appeared and took a complex reclining pose.
Their reasoning they explained was they didn’t want us to make the pretty little pictures we were used to. They wanted us to “think big and bold, to make decisions (and mistakes). A beautiful picture they explained meant you learnt nothing! A messy sheet was evidence of learning. They heartily applauded our hatched black lines sprawled across the muddied grey of white paint mixed with black mistakes. I had to admit at the end the final creations said so much more than our usual safe renderings.
I have come to apply the same principals to life. It’s those messy times, full of mistakes and attempts to “white wash” with their ugly edges and smudged lines that are some of our most fruitful. We find our vision enlarged, our concepts heightened and our humanity deepened. So don’t worry if you hit a “messy patch” continue to “think big”, to do your best to get it right and be honest when you get it wrong. Your world may not look pretty right then but heh you’re on a learning curve!