First two chill pills – Jigsaw puzzles and something bigger than yourself!



I just love doing jigsaw puzzles, it’s quite an addition, once started it’s hard to stop! There’s an immense satisfaction when you find where a piece fits. They have so many applications to life, not worrying when the piece you need appears to not be there (it always turns up eventually), discovering when something is in the wrong place and thereby joining up whole problem areas, learning patience knowing it will all become clear in the end.  Especially when combined with soft, inspirational type music I find them hugely relaxing and they are even said to be great for stimulating brain cells.

Somehow puzzles and my life seem to have some correlation and tend to bleed into one another. I’ll often find comfort and answers to real life problems among the pieces.

Something bigger than yourself? This is the basis for alcoholics anonymous groups etc. that some things are beyond our means to conquer so we need a belief in something outside ourselves. (If you believe you can handle all life throws at you, you are headed to “crash and burn” ‘cos life can toss some pretty curved balls!)

Personally I’m a Christian with a pretty strong reliance on Christ. That doesn’t mean I belong to any particular church or denomination, I don’t, but I know when I come to the end of my resources I can reach for His. This, it has to be admitted, is the most active and always available resource in my anti stress armoury (not to mention the reason I’m still here! Lol!)

You don’t have to be a Christian, or member of some recognized religion, to utilise this one, it could be some vague belief in the power of nature or a universal element. The fact is we all reach a point sometimes when we realise a problem or situation is beyond our ability, if we can then willingly pass it on to another entity (understanding that we are not the centre of the universe) it relieves the stress levels 100%.

One of my favourite chill options is a combination of these two. Doing a jigsaw while listening to (and often singing along if no one’s around – my voice is awful! lol!) some Christian music. It requires very little mental concentration (if you choose the right puzzles with lots of well defined colours all over) and gives a comforting feeling that all is well and will turn out OK in the end, like the puzzle.