It has to work both ways.


Found this gem that pretty much sums up my frustrated feelings at present. It’s sad that so many movements that began as a platform for good have degenerated to the level of the things they opposed (Avazz is a classic, but by no means only, example) many petitions circulating lately seem to spew hate, and social media posts often remind of kids hissy fits.
I used to do a lot of chairing meetings and one of the most useful things I was taught is that meetings where everyone agrees are generally not very constructive. Much healthier are the more difficult to chair ones where opinions are strongly varied, as they will evaluate better all sides of an issue and generally break new and constructive ground – if only you can keep it from becoming personal.
I think a sign of maturity is being able to see another’s point of view, learn from it, (we never have the full picture) and, bearing it in mind, make good well rounded decisions. Unfortunately this art seems to be going out of style particularly among the newly labeled “smug liberals”. (Sadly the “goodies” seem to be becoming the “baddies”).
A friend explained how this may come about due to search engines etc. which tend to select things on the web that match your profile. Thus for example things like Brexit and Trump can be unbelievable to those receiving only media posts agreeing with their opposing views, without realizing it, they are living in a media bubble. Thus they think the whole world agrees with them when in reality the majority turn out not to.
We can all learn a lot from each other, but in order to do so we need to keep our minds open to the fact things may not always be as they seem to us, there is always another side to the picture.