Dumb Bunny Blogging!


(Well I was born in the year of the rabbit). 

After several months I still seem to be just finding out what works for me (due in part to a total lack of IT training). My question was:

How do I use blogging as an outlet for my creative skills without it taking over my life or dictating my posts? What’s the balance?

It’s always been this way in my life, I know what’s expected, how things work within “the systems” but I refuse to compromise my moral frame of reference to comply. I know if I added some creepy supernatural stuff to my fantasy writing I could probably find a publisher (as daughter a “gifted” psychic it wouldn’t be so hard to ace that) but that’s not what I want to promote.
Blogging is the same, I’ve read a lot of “how to’s” from the famed “Opinionated Man” and other sites (I enjoy his stuff!) but some how the idea of blindly pressing a follow button for 500 new people every day just doesn’t jell for me (no prob. with those that do, it’s just not me). One bit of advice he gave I do try to stick to though is to write what you want rather than try to think what your “audience” might read.
I found it hard to do this though as those nasty little thoughts would keep on re- occurring – how many likes will this get etc.? I also find it hard to evade the “guilt trip” when someone leaves tons of likes on my blog and I’m not able to reciprocate (I never press like unless I mean it!)

I also had a mental picture of my blog in black leather stance; whip in hand should I fail to keep up my daily postings. The consensus being that you need to blog daily for the first 6 months to get established.

girl with whip

So anyway what was my dumb bunny break through?

For the last week I’ve disciplined myself to first spend an hour a day on my reader and when the hour is up stop. Only after that do I write/post my daily post. I don’t suppose this will work for everyone (I am retired except for grandson after school duty) but it really works for me. I get so inspired reading all those great posts out there that ideas just flood in and if that nasty little voice comes in saying, “your just trying to promote your own stuff!” he doesn’t have a leg to stand on (I hate marketing and promotions with a perfect hatred).
A side benefit of all this is even if I don’t get to read all the stuff on my reader what I do read I go slow enough to digest and enjoy. My blog “rat race” is over!

(I’ve also decided to do away with my “certain things on certain days” idea as it tends to be too limiting.)