Feeling good! … on election day?



Yes, I am feeling good. The reason? I actually did my homework, watched the various debates, read the manifestos (albeit mostly skim reading) and tried to asses things with an open mind. Amazingly my choice became obvious and was even confirmed by the little “electoral quiz” I did for interest (you answer questions and it lines your answers up with the closest political parties).

I know my choice doesn’t jive with at least two of my kids (who have been very vocal in their views lol!) but it is my choice, made from the heart after careful consideration of all the factors. They can’t “win” but this time around I’m not going to go for a potential “winner” but according to what I feel to be right. It’s a good feeling!

Dog Medicine!


happy dog

A Chicago physician reports that he had to abandon the use of dogs in an ulcer research program. The dogs refused to get tense & worry, & worry & tension are prominently listed as suspected causes of ulcers.
If you inflict an ulcer upon a dog by artificial methods, says the Chicago doctor, he will sit down & placidly cure himself by refusing to be bothered about anything.