In sickness and in health.


Thankfully I’m very seldom sick and then not for long. I’d been home with both my grandsons having bouts of flu one after the other, but my daughter and littlest grandson being away to visit daddy in Germany I was planing lots of busyness to “catch up”.
Then yesterday I woke up with a headache, sore throat and a runny nose trying to take over. I realized my plans needed to change.Stocking up on extra fruit etc. after my school cycle run, I headed for bed with huge volume of Dickens ( a Christmas gift I’d yet to indulge in)and my current favourite sickness remedial audios (Andrew Wommack’s “Christian Survival Kit”).
Whiling away the day till school pick up reading, listening and dozing I realized I was actually enjoying it immensely. I wasn’t sick, sick, just co operating with my body so it could fight better, my main symptom was extreme tiredness (my body monopolizing energy to fight the infection). In fact I realized this was something my mind and spirit really needed – chill time! I had a great day. Writing in my journal last night I thought just how crazy that was. I guess “in everything give thanks” came alive!

Stop and look at the stars.


My father was always trying to get me to look at the stars with him, but as a child I found them just too big and scary. Now I understand. Sometimes you just need to stop and realise your own insignificance, that the world will continue to turn if you just stop and rest.

This quote picture really spoke to my heart. I’ve been very busy and burdened of late. I didn’t realise till I entered the end rest of my yoga class (something I’ve skipped the last two weeks) just how stressed I’d been. The world wide refugee situation etc. has been much on my mind. Then there’s my sweet personal “refugees” – my daughter and her 3 year old who’ve been staying with me since August, having finally decided Mexico was just too dangerous for their family. They’ve had more than their share of battles, sickness, finding a job/nursery, getting all the paper work organised and working on temper tantrums when daddy isn’t here to cope with it but instead translating for refugees in a bullet proof vest.

I was given the gift of empathy, to love, to care, which has been a great blessing both as a teacher and volunteer worker,but sometimes, if I don’t keep giving it up to Jesus, it can become overwhelming.

As I lay back and slipped into deep relaxation I pictured the clear starry heavens and peace encompassed my soul. God has this, I realised.

Life in the Slow Lane (or a case of sleeping sickness)



I thought my life was pretty leisurely and laid back till I went to visit my sister in a country village near the historic beach town of Weymouth (famous for it’s sand and links to Georgian monarchs)

The adjustment began on the first evening when at 8pm. I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open. What a rude guest! (I generally sleep at about 12pm so this was highly unusual). I put it down to the fresh sea air. Little did I realize this was to be a constant problem each afternoon and evening (not to mention the resultant teasing from my brother in law who is 13 years older than me and perfectly immune to the disease!)


Dorset is famed for it’s beautiful gardens and scenery. We had a coffee (tea for me of course) here to rest from our walk through the fields. Strange I don’t remember anyone tapping away on their phones and silent luls in the conversation seemed to be considered normal.

It being Easter there were special activities including a morning raid by pirates (stopping for a beer at the local pub of course) before the beachfront fight


There was even a sailing ship to wonder round and look inside.



Winter’s secret.



For everything there is a season.

Winter is a time the land rests from its giving, when it withdraws in contemplation. Spring and summer are times of labour, of productivity, autumn of harvesting, but in late autumn and winter the leaves fall, there’s an emptiness in the air.

It’s all still there, hidden down under the earth it remains alive, but trees stand empty, unadorned showing their strength.

Peace reigns.


chr. cat

Presents bought and wrapped, food stowed ready, final touches to decor done, plans finalized and most importantly grandson away with his dad for Christmas, now to put my feet up with a glass of wine and enjoy the season with my trusty laptop close at hand for any random Christmas renderings that may appear inspired by the season. Being hit by inspiration to finally get going on the new book I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to write.for the last year and deciding to start my new “Song Bird” blog in mid December has left me chasing the ball a little. (apologies for the haphazard posts and almost total neglect of my reader of late – inspiration tends to get messy!)