Following this advice…


Following this advice I’m sorry to have been neglecting my blog/reader. My daughter and grand daughter are visiting from S E Asia triggering lots of family meet ups etc. My negligence will probably become worse when I fly back with them for two weeks in Malaysia to enjoy Chinese new year celebrations together, but… I’m hoping after that to be back at my laptop with lots of exciting photos to share.
Hope you are all likewise enjoying life, be it fast and adventurous or slow paced and tranquil (it’s all good!) Love to you all!

Old Friends.


From December 2014. Wishing you all great joy in your pre Christmas parties and merry making.

Song Bird Songs

old folks

(Of far flung friends I seldom see – photo from bing).

It’s oh so good to see them when parted oh so long,
The hugs and friendly greetings that lend the heart a song.
The smile that bares a tremble, the tear that dims the eye,
The subtle, soft, remembrance of days that have gone by.

It seems too much to soak it in when love floats all around,
Another, yet another, of times voices coming round.
The smiles now bare more wrinkles than when you knew them first,
But time and tide can not erase; the spirit from them bursts.

And all are in remembrance of sweet times so long gone by
The times when we were young and free and we had fun, oh my!
I hear now in the echoes of vintages grown old
The hearts refined in times harsh hand have turned at last to gold.

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It’s that time again!



It’s time for reunions, celebrations and chats. Time to catch up on a whole year (or more) of togetherness. A time of new beginnings, change and inspiration, a time to be there for each other.

Tomorrow my daughter and grand-kids fly in from China for their yearly visit and in 10 days my youngest will join me from Mexico for a few months while her hubbie sets things up for their move to Germany.

You’ll please excuse the next few weeks of chronic blog neglect! I wish you all a similarly wonderful time with those you love.

31 day challenge day 28



What are you looking forward to?

Moist eyes, big hugs, endless chatter and meet ups, deep conversations (and probably lots of food and alcohol).

You see next week my daughter and two grand kids will come from China for a visit (poor hubby has to stay and take care of their business). This means lots of family get togethers, long talks and catch ups and the pleasure of enjoying her company again. (Since my grandson here is off for half term and they get along we’re hoping they mostly entertain each other – the youngest is nine)

We’ve always been a close and loving family but the commitments of work, family and in some cases location tend to make our get togethers less frequent, (but all the more precious). The son in laws tend to heave a sigh after a while  and disappear to play feifa or smoke cigars while our “clan” chatter on and they are neglected. My son seems the only one able to handle all the “girl talk” (but then growing up with 6 sisters he developed immunity long ago lol!)