Things I’d have Missed.



I sat down at my laptop  this morning planning my day in usual manner (I’m an organisational type) when a whimsical urge led me to turn my schedule upside down, postpone breakfast, and start my day with an early morning walk to my allotment to get the lettuce I needed. It was raining – sensible to go later – but the child in me rebelled.

Setting off in mild drizzle armed with my China umbrella I further rebelled noticing a footpath sign I’d not seen before…

Not only did I get the lettuce, spinage and beetroot as planned but I…

1) Foraged the first wild blackberries along the way.

2) Discovered a beautiful, wooded, short cut to the allotment and supermarket by-passing the busy road so I could hear my music tapes.

3) Explored a cycle track and read its fascinating history (the remnant of a Victorian railway line).

4) Saw a fight between a swan and a goose (short lived on the goose’s part).

5) Smelt a lavender bush in the fresh morning rain.

6) Greeted another early riser, an old man also braving the rain along the walkway.

7) Found a pathway leading from my allotment to the canal loch (with hundreds of undiscovered blackberries.)

8) Treated myself to some fresh cream and rocket to bring out the best in my foraging stuff.

9) Saw what looked like the remains on an old English garden with lupins and hollyhocks etc. growing wild in the woods.

10) Saw Morris dancers (in full costume) practicing in a shed.

But beyond all these there was something more important. I reveled in freedom. I had not realised I was shackled by my routines, hampered by my organising. Seeking to be efficient I was forgetting to enjoy the moments. Something of the child came out to play and we had fun together!