Chains of life.



He dipped his pen into the inkpot, drawing, designing. Like an artist, every curve, color and hue, every movement, synchronization, function carefully planned. He set down the pen and a bright insect flew from the page. I sprang back in amazement.

Looking up, he smiled. “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes! That’s incredible! How did you do it?”

“Come, there’s more to see.”

He took me to a vast screen reminiscent of the matrix’s  jumbled number texts. Shining, yellow gold spirals gleamed, separate, yet joined by some invisible threads, surging in vital energy to form glistening chains of moving, glowing light rushing through the darkness as if eager to reach some far off point. Thousands of DNA chromosomes to be passed from generation to generation were intertwining, chains upon chains of life reeling through eternity.

He waved his hand across the screen and a vast support system materialized, air, oceans, sun, moon, plants, trees, even flowers all dependent on each other, woven into an incredibly complex web, a vast mass of intersecting golden chains of life. My heart pounded with elation at this melding of art, design, science and creativity. He seemed happy for my delight.

“You could not begin to understand the complexity, or the joy I experienced when the last chain was forged and leapt into being, intermingled, teeming with life,” He confided.

His eyes looked tired. I turned to go. I had remembered, “On the seventh day God rested.”

A Hidden Universe!


from July 2014

Song Bird Songs


I guess some parts of me never grew up.  I believe it was Einstein that said you must believe everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. I’ m with the former!

Indulging myself in two age related quizzes recently I got respectively 18 and 20 years old (let’s just say that is waaaay off!) I still gaze in wonder at all around me, cram knowledge into my brain like a kid with a box of chocolates and secretly enjoy the fresh company of children and their crazy ideas, (useful traits for a teacher).

So, about the lettuce…  Yes, lettuce! My fridge is crammed with succulent leaves from my allotment, (one of my “special places”).  The rabbits, birds and bugs have yet to find the delectable buffet hidden beneath its plastic tunnelling and bursting with green life.

While eating I ponder the tiny seeds I sowed, each packed with…

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Origin of the species. (from May 2014)


sci fi flower

Sci-fi flash fiction (just for fun!)

The flower danced, a pale, perfect pink, in the arms of the wind. Doe shaded his eyes to watch it swirl. A touch of red he decided. He coaxed the colour wheel to a brilliant magenta augmenting the tip of the petals. Essem looked on approvingly. Her bloom, tinted white and blue, sparkled in the sunlight its long vine like tendrils caressing the trunk of the giant cyrus tree from which it hung. All around them tropical jungle rose up in dazzling hues of orange, red and purple.

“Now try!” she said.

“I haven’t got the aerodynamics finished yet,” he answered fine tuning the apparatus.

Complete at last they watched in satisfaction as the blossoms performed their aerial ballet against a vivid turquoise sky.  A light flashed on his control unit. It was time to go.

Another species had been formed. Logging the video entry in his virtual pad Doe squeezed Essem’s  hand as it slipped into his own. They ascended the portal steps into the hovering craft. Taking his seat, Doe switched to auto pilot as she snuggled, sleepily into his shoulder. They had a long trip back, but it was worth it, when the music was added  it would be perfect, another innovation to add to his budding collection. He watched as double moons rose above the horizon a blaze of crimson red. Not far now…

Descending on a lawn dotted with wild henions pulsating a few inches above the green (another of his adaptions) he called to the vast, palatial villa that sat sedately on its rim. A head poked out between the columns, eyes bright, her silver blond hair ruffled by the breeze.

“Have you two finished your homework?” she called.

“Yes mother!” he answered, “it’s all done!”