How do you multiply your happiness?


How can you multiply your happiness? Rejoice in the happiness of others, thrill to their achievements, feel enthralled by their new relationship, watch with joy as a smile lights up their face. Why stop at only your own happiness, partake of that of others and share yours with them. Make it multiply and multiply!

Envy and self-centeredness are the enemies of joy. Cast them away in the bin, set love in your heart and share in the joy!


Lonesome valentines


I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. On one hand I applaud anything that celebrates love, on the other I feel bad for those who don’t happen to be in a love relationship on Valentines day.

I’m thinking of a friend that sent a humorous (but not really funny) plea for a valentines card and another who posted a (again not so funny) video of a guy putting alcohol in a trolley with the caption, “what I’ll be doing for Valentine’s”.  For the bereaved or those trying to overcome a broken relationship, or even just the “less desirable” Valentine’s day can be painful. The greedy marketeers don’t help either.

Would I like to abandon it? No, but adapt it maybe. I’m remembering folks who celebrate it well. My Chinese son in law that would always order two lots of roses one for my daughter and one for me, my grandson who asked his mum if he could send granny flowers too, or a pastor heading up a youth camp who bought a rose for every woman on staff married or not.

I’ve always felt there were two kinds of “love” the kind that looks inward and becomes obsessive, jealous, restrictive, (not really love) and the good kind that begins in two hearts and overflows its bounty on others. When Valentines Day celebrates the second it can be a wonderful time. After all there are so many ways love is found and  expressed not only being “in love”.

Do I have a valentine? Sure do!

He paints the sky in the glorious colours of sunrise to greet my day, He creates the flowers poking their tiny heads through the winter earth. I am blessed by such love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Wish we’d imported this one instead of Halloween.


We have so very much to be thankful for!

On another level when looking at this picture I was thinking we might learn from the story of these Indians helping the “refugees from injustice”. They were willing to teach and share (but then it didn’t end well for the Indians)?

Happy thanksgiving to all you Americans (and others that celebrate it) wishing you a wonderful time of love and companionship with your families.

31 Day challenge day 18


The meaning behind your blog name?

LOL! Well I think this one is pretty straight forward, I love to read other’s stuff (and books etc. etc.) and I also enjoy writing very much.

Song Bird (my other blog) Is because I love to sing God’s praises while spiritually and emotionally flying high  above the problematic world. I really like the picture for this site (just wish I could figure how to get it displayed on the home page somehow) It shows two birds flying with one turning its head as if chatting to the other – my idea of life, flying high and sharing gems of knowledge, praise and love.

The Missing Factor.



Christmas approaches, its warm fuzzy feeling felt afar off, first presents have been bought and boxed decorations stand really for commission. Yet along with this dawns a slight apprehension. I know food, decor, and Christmas presents alone are not enough. Not even family gatherings and parties, pleasant though they are, are enough to satisfy the ache for Christmas that surfaces in my heart at this time of year.
I recall an incident with my youngest daughter the Christmas we returned from the Far East. In spite of finally having a Christmas in England where it was celebrated (and there was at least the possibility of snow) we all felt something missing. We were pretty hard up and knew presents would be small but that didn’t worry us at all we were a happy thankful crowd. We were invited to my eldest daughter’s house where Christmas would be celebrated in style with perfect decor, and expert cooking, nothing missing to welcome her family back to London, yet still something didn’t feel right.
We were by the shopping mall when it happened. We saw a homeless guy looking dejected, his cardboard sign showing signs of much use.
“Can we give him some money mum?” she asked. I hesitated wondering if he might just spend it on drink or drugs (the UK has a good welfare system so the homeless often tend to have some problem). Then I had an idea. Going to a nearby snack shop I helped her choose a sandwich and hot drink which she gave with an encouraging smile, telling him.
“We thought you must be cold so we bought you a present.”
The man beamed and thanked us profusely. I guess the food showed more concern and was more personal than a dropped coin.
As she walked away she whispered, “Now it feels like Christmas.”
Last year I donated to “Crisis” to sponser a homeless person to spend Christmas at one of their centers and to get help and advice. My check is once more in the post but this year I want to do something more. What? I’m not sure but I’m looking out for it.