31 days challenge day 6


Your 5 Senses Right Now.

Hmmm… this one can be looked at two ways? Does it mean what are my senses perceiving right now or how well are they functioning right now?

1) Taking the latter first, my most used (over used) sense is sight. I was born with excellent eye sight but now need glasses some of the time. Being an artist (at least part time) all my life my eyes are my most “feel good” sense. I love to “just look” particularly at nature I feast on it as a gourmet might feast on a meal.

Right now they are constantly straying from the keyboard to the window because the first snow has just fallen.

2) Probably my next favourite (or most used) is touch. I studied sculpture so my sense of touch is highly developed. I love to touch things (and people ha! Hugs, kisses, back rubs etc.)

At present I’m still feeling the fresh sensation of a shower and the softness of the mango and coconut butter in my home made body butter. The lap top keys are smooth and clean, the temperature warm and cosy. In my little central heated apartment I can enjoy snow in comfort!

3) Very important but not particularly developed (and now losing some of its former reliability with age) is hearing. It’s served me well while being somewhat neglected, preventing many an accident and allowing me to enjoy the sweet sounds of nature, music and the communications of others.

Right now all is silent except for the slight hum of the radiator trying to keep pace with the drop in temperature outside.

4) What next? Smell. Though I’ve given it little attention I’ve always had a good sense of smell. I often use it as my “private detective,” assessing, teeth brushed, hands washed etc. I do have a few favourite smells I’ll wallow in, fresh bread cooking, earth, a forest, oddly horse stables, but I cannot stand the smell of coffee! Lol!

What can I smell now? Oddly nothing. I guess I’m so familiar with my room’s smells I can’t discern anything.

5) Last (because I’m probably the furthest from a “foodie” you could imagine) comes taste. This as you may guess is a rather underdeveloped sense for me. I do have a few favourites that  make me appreciate this sense though, chocolate, strong, dark, without milk and very little sugar (I often make my own), roast meat, (why I’m not a vegan) fresh fruit yum! Yum!

Presently my mouth is empty so no tastes to report.