Silver lining?


What has a kitchen timer got to do with silver linings you may ask?
It all began with my doctor’s suggestion that I get one to help me remember to take a few minutes walking break from sitting at my desk every twenty minutes to help an inflamed nerve heal.
First not so silver lining, (more a black storm cloud on my part lol!)it ticked so loud it was a constant distraction grrr. (should have bought a different one.)I did find after the initial frustration though that my world was expanding. I’d been tending to spend most of my “at home time” in my bedroom for convenience sake, generally on the laptop at my desk, or laying on my bed with a good book to “chill” (confessions lol!.) Doc said to walk during these breaks so I became re acquainted with the neglected parts of my apartment (the living-room for example!)
Thinking hmm… I have such a nice room but I hardly ever use it, I decided to move one laptop there (yes I had two in my bedroom – embarrassing!)Next step I figured why not move my work stuff with it and keep my bedroom for rest and devotional reading etc. You are probably laughing by now! (First de stress rule – bedrooms should not be work places – but its so convenient!lol!)
Well to cut my story short, the timer went down also. Having my life cut into 20 min. segments has been a life changer. I realised just how much time I can “accidentally” spend on social media, how I must have been sometimes 3 or more hours straight at the computer when a writing bug hit (no wonder my leg was complaining!)I became far more aware of how I used my time. Many of those little jobs on my to do list got done during my breaks and amazingly I’ve been more inspired to write rather than less (even with the pesky timer.)Today my daughter helped me rig my computer to my TV so I can watch net flix on the big screen (OK, OK, I was laying in bed watching on the laptop lol!) I feel like I opened a bunch of windows and my life is expanding instead of contracting.
So my message for today? Get a timer, it’s life changing!