Have you ever stopped to think.


Ten Christmas thoughts we might forget:

  1. Mary and Joseph became Middle Eastern refugees!
  2. Mary was a single mum! She would have been ostracized maybe even stoned to death if Joseph hadn’t believed the angel.
  3. Joseph probably got the blame for “knocking up Mary” causing a shockingly hasty marriage.
  4. Joseph was a step dad to a child not his own.
  5. He was a manual worker and probably got pretty dirty and sweaty.
  6. They were poor and lived in an occupied country.
  7. Shepherds were looked on as very “dodgy characters” in those days.
  8. Stables and mangers (even forming part of a relative’s house as is now suspected from historical research) are not 5 star hotels.
  9. They were probably very thankful for the wise men’s gifts (how else would they finance a move to Egypt?)
  10. We look back and glorify the story but for Mary and Joseph (as in all real life adventures) it must have been tough, humiliating and more than a bit scary! I honor their faith and yieldedness.