31 day challenge day 30


The contents of your make up bag?

Like my backpack my make up bag is highly functional (I do have a wash bag with some extra seldom used stuff).

1)Foundation – one I bought in China so old the only thing I can read is “solar protect”. I only use foundation around my eyes so it lasts me forever. A second tube is Rimel BB cream 9 in 1 super make up. This is my special occasion foundation and works great to camouflage the bags and wrinkles around my eyes.

2) Bob magic concealer (again bought in China) for the afore mentioned bag shadows.

3) Max Factor cream blush.

4) Pinkish Mac powder eye shadow

5) Dark brown Barry M eyeshadow (for eyebrows and under eyelashes.

6) Max factor lipstick (raisin)

7) Lush Eyes Right natural mascara. (Note if anyone else has super sensitive eyes try this one, its the only mascara I’ve been able to wear in years without looking like I had pink eye for days. I was so happy to find it)

8) 3 eye make up brushes (for different jobs)

7) One foam eye brush I use for cover-stick  when needed.

8) A pair of tweezers.

Since I’m an old granny I’ll add a word of advice gathered through the years. No matter how good the brand make up ages the skin (especially foundation) so only use it where and when you need it (keep the full face look for special occasions) and help keep that beautiful skin well into old age.