Honesty – a long term investment.


When I was very young I worried a lot about “friends”- being in with the cool crowd (not that I ever was lol!) I lived life with one eye on the mirror.

You see honesty isn’t only about telling the truth (though that’s important if you want to be trusted) but also about being honest about who you are.

My inner me finally revolted in my mid teens and I decided to just be me (I was pretty lousy at being anyone else anyway lol!). It worked amazingly well. I was suddenly catapulted from the bottom to the top of the coolness social strata even surpassing those unfeeling souls I’d tried to emulate. I found myself, the artist, outspoken iconoclast, rebel, dreamer, seeker, to be actually cresting the wave of late 60’s hippiedom.

Of course that didn’t last. I wouldn’t want to be associated with much that is thought cool today, but I learnt a valuable lesson – to be honest (even with myself). My long term friends are mostly the same. I trust their integrity. We talk straight and deep. I hate to play games, especially with people’s hearts or emotions.

Though I’ve learnt wisdom over the years and don’t generally blast folks with my more radical views or tales of my more colourful adventures, I still  avoid empty conversations and can spot flattery or manipulation a mile off (and quietly cross its perpetrators off my list of acquaintances).

So if you happen to feel yourself boxed into pretending to be someone on the outside you are not on the inside, try it! Honesty really is the best policy!