Well done denmark!



Not only this but I know from my daughter (who married a Dane and lives there) that social services there not only work, but are administered in a very practical, as well as compassionate way. An example she told me – if you are unemployed social services will give you basic income to live on, but (if you are not disabled etc.) only if you agree you to study a field where more people are needed. This further education is free and linked to your study (stop studying and the income stops). This is a win, win, idea for both parties. Eventually you graduate, get employed and begin to pay taxes. Denmark invests is her most important resource – her people!


how far does our love go?



Like many others my heart is wrenched by more and more news of Middle East refugees, of drowned toddlers and forsaken Afghan interpreters.

What can be the solution I wonder?

I’ve worked with refugees and know first hand the pain and suffering, the tales of terror they escaped from, on the other hand I also know how overstretched the system is already here in the UK, how can we take more and how can the system be changed to be more fair to those in genuine need?

An answer came from a surprising source. This morning my daughter and I were discussing Iceland (she visited friends there for two months in her teens) how they made such a remarkable recovery from financial melt down etc.

Checking my face book feed I came across another Icelandic classic, 11,000 Icelandic people have offered to open their homes to Syrian refugees and help them get set up in return for the government upping its present refugee quotas and supplying the paperwork etc. – practical compassion. No wonder Iceland can perform such economic miracles!




Not sure I’d call it intuition, but some call it that. Personally I have more of a picture of my poor weary angel (who really ought to get time and a half for what he has to put up with) banging his forehead in frustration telling God, “I’ve tried everything but she’s just not listening!” LOL!

Generally that “still small voice” tends to only be able to get through when I’m half asleep (my golden time for solutions.)