About Song Bird


song bird

As some of you have discovered I started a second blog just before Christmas (thanks for visiting, so nice to have you drop by!)

Love to readlovetowrite’s main purpose was to share and improve my writing skills (whilst enjoying those of others) with a view to eventually becoming a published author, but I found my longing to express my faith and wonder at God’s love and creation pulled in a different direction. I wanted to “sing my joy” but was concerned not to overwhelm any of my less God orientated counterparts.
“Song Bird” was my solution where I can enjoy sharing my faith and awe without compromising my writing goals. (The two do overlap of course.)

Many years ago, for my fine art degree exhibition, I made a piece of environmental sculpture. The walls were masked by cheese cloth and all the pieces modeled in white. Colours came from a “game board” between two central figures (male and female). It constantly changed hues and cast complementary shadows as it rotated a commentary on life and its changing aspects.

Though there were no seats it became a popular place for folks to sit, chill, even eat. They felt at peace there pondering the splendor of the fluctuating colours.
I hope Song Bird can become such a place were folks can relax and take in the beauties of life in all its aspects and fly with me among the blessings of God.

My thanks for the help and support many of you have given me over my time exploring the strange new world of blogging, it’s been great hearing from you and enjoying your posts and comments. You’ve made the big learning curve needed for someone as “IT challenged” as me so much easier to negotiate!